Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 96; Colorful Campus

The trees look so beautiful on campus right now.

The leaves are all kinds of different colors and they cover the trees and ground. It's so pretty!

There is just something about nature that puts life into perspective for me. It helps me see the big picture. Seeing all the colors around campus is definitely medicine for the soul.

It reminds me to thank God for blessing us with the opportunity to see His artistic hand at work.

Mm, I'm lovin' it...

Day 95; Creepy Tunnel

Walking home from school this week, I was introduced to this creepy, cool tunnel in route to my apartment.

I walked through it, of course, but a part of me was expecting a troll to attack....

I can't really control my imagination most days so bear with me.

There was a layer of leaves over the ground so I couldn't really see where I was stepping. What if I walked into a trap? Fall down a pit? Get eaten by a snake? Pummeled by a troll or ogre or dwarf or something?

My life is full of adventure, people. I live on the brink of death every single day. Fierce.

Day 94; Delilah

Anyone listen to 96.1 The River at night? Well, if you do or if you have, you know who Delilah is.

I have met very few people who like Delilah. In fact, she annoys most people.

But because I'm weird and have very few things that are normal about me, I like her. I like her a lot.

She is no Reba...but she is pretty awesome.

I love that people call her as if she's a real therapist... I love that her theme song is, "SLOW DOWN AND LOVE SOMEONE....WITH DELIIIIILAAAAHHHH!"

I think it's all pretty funny and I look forward to listening to her and the cheesy love songs she plays.

She's like a white version of Oprah.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 93; Super Sunday

Sunday was really wonderful!

Therese threw a birthday party for me in Baton Rouge since we couldn't celebrate the big 2-1 during finals week in December. Friends came and went all day and I had a really awesome time. It reminded me of how lucky I am to be able to call these people my friends.

Elizabeth made an amazingly chocolatey chocolate cake!

I am just so, so grateful and blessed for everyone involved! The food was delicious, the company was a blast, the letters you wrote were so uplifting and beautiful, and the day was amazing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much Sunday meant to me!!

I don't deserve you guys for a second!

Day 92; Reba!!

I love Reba.


I need to know Reba. Become best friends with Reba. Learn her ways and how I can basically make myself a carbon copy of Reba.

While I was sick over the weekend and trapped in that mountain of tissues I was telling you about, I watched a lot of TV. Something I pretty much never do is watch television. Two sitcoms I discovered while I was barricaded in the apartment were the shows How I Met Your Mother and Reba (her sitcom.)

Let me tell you something, people. I have never in my life laughed as hard for any show as I did for Reba. It is hysterical!! I was practically in tears and out of breath after the string of episodes ended. Perhaps that could be because I was hopped up on nasal decongestants but I'm not sure that that's entirely it.

Reba rocks. Done.

Day 91; Tissue for you Issue

There was a mountain of used tissues in my apartment this past weekend. I diagnosed myself with a post-nasal drip after examining the color of my mucus and then researching my symptoms on the internet. Yay technology!

[This is not the mountain I am referring to...]

The pile of Kleenex got so huge that at one point I actually got lost in it and couldn't find my way to the front door for about two days.

I had to set the whole thing on fire just to get out...

Thank you, Mucinex and Sudafed, for not only making me weird and loopy, but for also helping me fight the Master PND.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 90; The Thrift Creeper

I've been wanting to go to this one thrift store in Baton Rouge for ages. And by ages, I mean a couple of months...

My beautiful and gracious friend, Elizabeth, said she'd come with me so we took a little adventure over there.

We browsed the clothes until I was fully satisfied and then headed to the back by the books and furniture.

We walked in to the garage-esque room, turned the corner, and came face-to-face with this...

Elizabeth whispered, "Um...We need to go now..."

I'm telling you, it was a scene straight out of a horror movie. Instead, I was expecting the Thrift Creeper -- not to be confused with the Crypt Keeper -- to jump out of the shadows and eliminate us right there or maybe for Samara, the girl from The Ring, to start crawling out of one of those televisions.

Ugh, either way... We weren't about to stick around to find out so we motored out of there immediately.

Day 89; Going Global!

Blogger has this new feature where you can see the stats for your blog's traffic. So I can see how many people read my blog in a day, how many people have read my blog the entire time I've had it, and even what country they're looking at it from.

I would like to keep how many views I get private but here is the list of countries who have viewed my blog during the past year and a half that I have had it.

Can you believe that?! That list is in descending order from the country with the greatest amount of views to the country with the lowest amount of views. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!

And when I looked at where my readers were from after blogging this past week, these were the results...

So it seems that the Americans and Canadians are my two regular countries, but this just really fascinated me with how expansive the internet can be. The world wide web!

Thank you guys so much for reading!! It means the world to me!!


Day 88; Rocky! Adrian!

I'm gonna start adding something new to the ol' blog here. At the bottom of each post, I'm going to post past blogs that I wrote exactly one year ago. So since today is January 17th, I'll post what I posted on January 17th last year. I just thought it would be interesting. :)

Anywho! I saw Rocky for the first time this week. I LOVED it!

'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance.


I just loved everything about Rocky. Sylvester did a really awesome job and if any of you haven't seen it, RENT IT NOW! It's hilarious!

You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!!

One year ago today, I wrote....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 87; New Year's Resolution

I don't normally ever do the whole New Year's Resolution thing. I'm not sure why. But this year I really wanted to make a solid goal for myself. I do better when I have something clear to work towards.

So this year my New Year's Resolution is to be a more forgiving woman.

Now, okay. I've never been much of a grudge holder. I let things go fairly easily because I really, really don't like when there is tension. I don't like being angry, and I don't like someone else being angry with me. So that's that.

But when it comes to honestly forgiving...I'm not so skilled. Do you remember when I wrote about the importance of family after I read that book Father Fiction by Donald Miller? Well in that same book, there is a chapter called Pardon where Miller talks about forgiving. He writes about how he learned that "when you forgive, you bear the burden somebody has given you without holding them accountable."

And there you have it. That one line has altered my heart in so many ways that I can't even begin to tell you about. I reread this chapter when I decided that forgiveness would be my New Year's Resolution and when I did, it all hit home again.

Like all of us, I have been disappointed by someone who I thought could never disappoint me. I, like all of us, have insecurities and scars from this disappointment that I have dealt with and carried for a long, long time. But I can tell you now with a true heart that I don't hold them accountable anymore. I can tell you that I am honestly freed from the hold that this hurt had on me. And I can tell you that I am a stronger woman because of it. 

Because I have let go of the source of my scars, I can hardly even see them anymore. Those scars are fading. Moving forward has been shedding the baggage that I have been carrying. I am no victim and I am no longer asking God, "Why me?"

Now, granted, just because you have genuinely forgiven that person, doesn't mean the hurt and burden evaporate right then. That isn't true. You're just dealing with them now without blaming that person. But I promise you that they become easier to deal with. The insecurities and the scars...they do start to go away. Because your heart is freed and open again inviting others in to love you and help heal you and carry some of that baggage for you.

The practice of forgiveness will make you live longer and happier, I swear. It is a simple fact that happiness is your own decision. With that being said, we can do away with that looming cloud that is leaving us all in the dark of the shadows. 

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I just decided to forgive and let go as soon as 2011 came around. It's been a long journey since July when I first read Father Fiction. But I am here now. And because it has felt so amazingly sweet, my New Year's goal is to stay in practice.

Because I want to let the bad things go easier so I can love harder.

So if any of you are struggling with what I've been struggling with, I challenge you to try and forgive, as well. Because to have it take over your life is just inviting a toxic into your way of living. You're so much better off without it, I promise you. You deserve to be freed. You're too precious to hold that pain so close.

So to forgiveness! Cheers!

Day 86; Fake Birds

I took Bobby to Sports Authority while I was home on Sunday.

He just needed to pick something up so I stayed in the car and waited for him outside. I was looking around at the different buildings and stores around me when I spotted this owl...

I know you can't really tell from this shot but it is, indeed, an owl.

I stared at this thing for about 5 minutes straight only to discover that it's a fake.

A faux owl!!

I mean...why is there a fake bird on this incredibly tall sign over Veterans Blvd? Surely there is no ladder tall enough to reach it so how'd it get up there? What is it's purpose? Whyyyy??!?

Metairie is so weird...

Day 85; Missing Bob

Whenever I go home for a little while, whether it be a night or a few days, I always like to make sure I see all of my family even if it's just for a second. So I text messaged Bobby when I came in Saturday night to see where he was.

It's like he doesn't even know me...

It's universally understood that I'm about as thug life as they come, so I should never be questioned or doubted.

Side note: This one time I tried to convince my friend that I was raised on the streets of New York. I called my mother on speaker phone to prove it to him thinking she would go along with me. She quickly shut my little antics down and set me straight. " lived a pretty cushy life in Lakeview. We were never in New York for any long, long period of time."

"Thank you, Mrs. Gina. That's all I needed to know," he said.

Look....there are pictures of me repping in Manhattan. Here's proof.

Shoot...momma didn't raise no fool...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 84; Fish Heads for Supper

I had to work all day Friday. I haven't worked a double in a very long time but it really wasn't that bad.

When I started my second shift, a co-worker assured me that there were perks about working on Friday nights. For instance, on Friday nights, the kitchen makes a feast for all of the employees working that evening. This made my heart sing. I love food. I love food. Foody, food, food. Here it goes down. Down into my belly. Mm mm mm... [Name that movie!]

So when I was told they put the food out, I practically ran back there to make myself a plate. "What was for supper," you ask? Well, kids... Let me show you.

I should have expected it. I mean...I do work at a Japanese restaurant. But even the usual Friday night workers were surprised and a bit scared, so I knew this wasn't the normal Friday Feast they had been ranting about.

Luckily, the chef knew this wasn't going to be everyone's cup of tea so he had some back up meat on the grill and some baked macaroni in the oven. It was a close call, I'm not going to lie. These fish have been haunting my dreams ever since.

Day 83; Sky Wars

One day I was walking outside with a group a friends and I noticed the sunset looked particularly amazing that afternoon so I pointed it out to my buddies. Michael was there and he said something like, "I feel like you always point out the sky before I get a chance to."

And that's when it all started...

Ever since that moment, Michael and I have been in a war of Who Can Point Out the Pretty Sky First?

At first it was just in person. Michael would quickly blurt, "Wow! Look at the sky!" And then he'd look at me with a smile of sick satisfaction. I admit I did the same when I came out victorious in any of these battles.

Next, we opened the battles to text messages. I would be driving along, running an errand when I would get a text from Mike directing me to look at the sunset. This quickly changed to picture messaging on our phones. I'd snap a shot of the amazing view and promptly send it to Michael. It's the best when I catch him in class or somewhere where he just has to accept defeat. :)

Recently, Michael brought on a smack down when he filmed a panoramic view of the sky and sent it to me on his phone. So now it's on like Donkey Kong.

Here's my most recent win...

I wish our phones did the sky justice but they just never do...

You're going down, Michael. Bring it.

Day 82; Sweet Tooth

I'm sure you all know about my killer sweet tooth by now.

I swear, this trait of mine is going to be the end of me. Whether it be a sugar coma, diabetes, whatever. Some how, some way, my sweet tooth is going to catch up to a big way.

On the nights when I have decided to lay low, I have developed a tradition. I go to the Redbox down the road and I rent whatever strikes my fancy. Then I head out to Whole Foods and get a pint of the Tomato Basil Soup and a chocolate parfait.

I meant to take a picture of the chocolate parfait....but I got a little out of control so here's what I did get...

I have probably done this exact routine about 5 times in the past 6 months....

I eat all of this junk, too. Every last bite. Why? Because I have no will power. No guilty conscience about any of it. I'm telling day it's going to catch up with me...I'll either become morbidly obese or die... or both...

I could always exercise... But then I would cry and no one wants me to cry, right??

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 81; Text messages

Since I'm here and a lot of my friends are everywhere else, I don't get to see and talk to them everyday like I used to. That's when I realize how spoiled I've been.

So from the moment I wake up to the moment I go back to sleep, friendly texts are flying between me and a hand full of friends. Nice little conversations via texting, a sweet or silly phone conversation here and there, and the like. I've been working all this week so a lot of it has been SMS.

Here's a good example..

Can you guess which texts are from me?!

Boredom is dead to me.

Day 80; Won't You be my Neighbor?

I have new neighbors. Two guys again. Except these guys are loud. Really loud. All the time.

They're starting a band, too. Did you know that? I would expect that you, of course, would not know that but they are so loud, you may have heard them from where you are. The guy whose bedroom is next to mine has an alarm clock that goes off 15 precious minutes before mine does. He never wakes up to it though.

I am fully capable of being the most patient person known to mankind if I absolutely need to be but these shenanigans have been driving me up the wall. Speaking of the wall...I've learned that banging on it wakes my neighbor right up when he doesn't turn off his alarm. We're best friends.

My neighbors are smokers, too. So they go sit outside in front of our apartments to talk and yell at each other at all hours of the night. It's the best.

Hilary and Ashley came over the other night and made friends with them.

Well...sort of...

They were standing outside singing The Time of My Life. However, they didn't know all of the words so they just kept singing the same two lines over and over again.

Hilary, Ashley, and I were so sick of hearing it that we instinctively all started singing the rest of it. Then the guys moved on to a new song. So Hilary finished that one for them, too.

They really liked that game so it went on for a little while. Hilary held her own and finished just about every song they threw at us.

Did I mention this all happened through our wall???

Since then, when the guys go out for a smoke, I can hear one of them singing parts of different songs. I'm pretty sure he's trying to get us to finish them again...

Hilary, you're requested for an encore. ;)

Day 79; Popcorn

My mom loves popcorn. So after growing up in her house, I have come to love popcorn.

So when I get presents like this for Christmas...

I get really excited.

There used to be a place back home where they had a zillion kinds of different popcorn flavors. My mom and I would go in there and buy a couple bags of different kinds. Since then, I've heard one popped up in Covington so I will be making my way there soon.

When I see all the different flavors...I can't be stopped. I'll probably need backup.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 78; Despicable Me

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you put in some sweet, fatherly moment in a movie, it will inevitably make me cry. That's all I need and I'm done, son. If it's just a brief seen or sentence or facial expression...I'm toast.

That being said, it would not be hard to figure out why Despicable Me has quickly become one of my favorite movies ever. It's sweet, and silly, and clean, and just so good.

I'm also a fan of Steve Carell so that helps.

That's the scene that gets me every time...

I got the movie for Christmas so I watched it the other night. The movie just gets me every time.

*deep breathe* All right I need minute...

Day 77; Painful Paintball

We played paintball at Jason's last weekend. By we, I mean the guys plus Allyson.

Jessica and I filmed and photographed. I have some good, funny footage which is great! I know Jess got some awesome shots, as well!

She and I made sure we were clear of the lines of fire but that didn't last very long. They played games like capture the flag and others of a similar nature. Then it became a game of terrorists capturing or killing the hostage. Allyson played the part of the hostage first. Poor, darling. As hostage, you get no gun and you just get shot at...


She had 2 or 3 of the guys who were working to shoot the "terrorists" and bring her to safety.

Then one of the guys stopped playing, and I became the hostage...

I have to admit that I wanted to be the hostage at first. Sitting on the sides watching everyone play these intense games got me antsy. So I was eager to be apart of the battle...even if I wasn't the one fighting...

Because I'm an idiot.

Well I had Allyson, Kori, and Daniel as my protectors while Jason and Michael were on a hunt to kill us all.



Kori - "Well, I guess you're on your own..."

I mean, he was right. What were the two of us going to do when we had one gun against two experienced...terrorists...

So I crawled...I crawled like no one crawled before....

I got about 6 inches when I got shot right in the face. The mouth to be more specific. I had a mask on like everyone else so it wasn't as bad as it could have been but it stung like no body's business. At that point my mouth was full of paint from the shot so I couldn't yell, "I'm hit! I'm hit!" which would have stopped the fire. So Michael rises from the tall grass in an effort to end me, the already annihilated hostage, and shoots a few all around my head, getting two or three shots in my back.

I think it was Kori who yelled for the gunning to stop but that was it. I was dead...

I had a picture of my mask so you could see how good Jason's shot was but like the picture in my last post, it was accidentally deleted. I'll wait for Jessica to put up her pictures and I'll attach it to this post then.

I have this thing where I really hate to spit in front of people. Especially men... I'm not sure why. Maybe I don't find it very lady like? Or I don't want to gross someone out? I don't mind when other people spit. I don't know... I guess it's not a big deal but I get nervous even brushing my teeth in front of people because of that terrible moment I know I'll have to spit all of it back out.

With all the paint in my mouth, though...I had to suck it up and just do it. The paint is just flour and water with food coloring, I think, but I didn't know that at the time and it tasted disgusting. However, even if I did know what the harmless ingredients were, I probably would have still spit it out.

Paintballing isn't for sissies, I'll tell you that right now.

It's intense and awesome and I can't wait to really play next time!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 76; Personalized License Plate

I've never really wanted a personalized license plate.

They're fun to see on people's cars but I've never particularly coveted one for myself. That is... until this New Years Eve.

I was driving to Abita Springs to ring in the new year with my friends when I got behind this guy with a license plate that read "MR KING" on the interstate.

My first thought was, "Really? Mister King? Who is this punk?" But then I kept thinking about it (and looking at it because he was in front of me on the road, after all. :D) And then I started to laugh. MR KING...that's kind of goofy. So ridiculous that it's kind of funny!

I took a picture of it on my phone but for some reason it didn't send to my computer and I had already deleted it from my phone so this will have to do.

I don't even live in Massachusetts. Whatever.
Well this got me thinking. Wouldn't it be so awesome if I had some absurd nickname for myself on my license plate?! And then it hit me.


I don't know why. I'm not even a mother. I'm not even tall enough to be considered a big woman. But this is why it's so perfect.

Nothing normal like my initials or my name or alma mater. No.


It's genius. I'm making this happen.


Day 75; TRON

We saw TRON 3D last week.\

It was really cool to watch. All of the CGI and special effects were just really amazing...and pretty!!

Anyway, what really made the movie was sitting next to my friend, Daniel. Homeboy was really into this film. The epic gaming battles and visuals with all of the amazingly crazy equipment the characters had were all enough to make him almost keel over and die. Or so it seemed... (haha!)

TRON was just an all around fun movie, in my opinion.

However, my only beef with it is that it made me want a motorcycle a million times more than I already did. Grrr..

Day 74; Rummikub Queen

Do any of you know what Rummikub is? No? Yes, most people don't.

Well, it's a game played almost the exact same way as Rummy except with tiles instead of cards. It has also been my obsession for the past two weeks.

You see, I've been very, very bored here in Baton Rouge. Extremely bored. It got to the point where I was searching for anything and everything to do to with my time. Cleaning, reading, watching mindless television (something I rarely do), go for walks, and whatever else. As long as it didn't cost gas or money. One thing I've been doing a lot of? Playing games on my computer. Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, Hearts, Snake, Tetris, etc. That's when I found a link to play online Rummikub where you play with real people from all over the world. I remembered the game from when we used to play with my grandmaw whenever we would go visit her during the Summer and holidays. I used to really love it.

So I dabbled.

I was a little rusty at first but then I got better...and better...and better. I was playing game after game after game and rising on the charts. I became the Rummikub Queen. I had minions, jesters, servants, and loyal followers. They were even building a palace for me...

Okay, so maybe not but I did get kind of good. Skillful in the art of Rummikub, if you will. I started winning game after game and so people stopped playing with me. They'd come to the table I was at, play one or two games and then leave...

Here's a nice little screen shot as proof of how no one wants to play with me anymore. You see? There I am...all alone. Why? Because I dominate all who challenge me.

Kelly the Untouchable.

But I keep playing anyway. And I will continue to conquer the people of And I will be their queen. And they will follow me.

And I will rule! MWAHAHAAA!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 73; Photo Mosaic

I got this idea from my lovely friend, Jessica.


a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search. (

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s Mosaic Maker. (
d. Save the image and post it.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? 
2. What is your favorite food? 3. Favorite Hobby? 
4. Favorite drink? 
5. Dream vacation? 
6. What is your favorite color? 
7. What you want to be when you grow up? 
8. What do you love most in life? 
9. One word to describe you? 

Day 72; Winner's Smile

My teeth are probably the most expensive parts of my body. 

A LOT of money has been put into them. First, I had to get oral surgery and then braces for two years. Right when I got my braces taken off, I got my permanent retainer plus my removable retainer. The day I got my braces off I started on what turned into a white strip obsession. About six months later, I got hit in the mouth and one of my front teeth was knocked loose and I had to get a root canal. The list goes on...

My mother had to go to the ends of the Earth to pay for all of this. So I have made it a point to wear my retainer every single night as if my life depended on it. This is because if my mum shelled out all that moola so Kelly could have a pretty smile, there is no chance Kelly is going to let that go to waste. It's been over 4 years since I got my braces off and I could have counted my retainerless nights on my hands there were so few....until I went home this Christmas....

I forgot my retainer at my apartment.

Every night when I went to bed, I could feel the paranoia that my teeth were jamming up and turning crooked. Every morning I woke up and checked out the alignment in the bathroom mirror in fear that I'd wake up with a snaggle tooth or something. And then my mom would come home and take one look at my wrecked chompers and cry because I had wasted everything. 

I went seven days and seven nights with no retainer.

Moment of silence.

The second I got into my apartment, I went straight to my bathroom, brushed my teeth, and shoved that sucker in there.

From the tension and pressure on the retainer, I could feel that my teeth had moved a little but barely enough to have even worried a second about it.

So all signs, once again, point to the fact that I may be a little too dramatic sometimes. So what? So sue me!

Pffft...too dramatic.. Who do you think you are?

Day 71; When Parents Text

This is a website that is sweeping the nation.

It provides more laughter and entertainment than you would have ever thought possible. It's just a collection of text messages from parents that people from all over the nation have submitted to this one site. The texts are complete with typos, random thoughts, and a lot of other crazy things that mothers and fathers have SMSed to their children.

It's amazing.

My cousin, who is a year younger than I am, came over the day after Christmas. I haven't seen him in 3 or 4 years so I was kind of nervous about the reunion. We used to be extremely close and all of a sudden we didn't speak or see each other for such a long time. What would I say to him? He's probably not the same person I was so close to so long ago. So when he came over, I awkwardly whipped out this website. I'm still not sure why... I'm so awkward that it's a real problem.

We wound up looking at page after page cracking up at all of the silly conversations posted up. It was a Kodak moment if I ever saw one.

When Parents Text. It brings families together. ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 70; Christmas Day

I would go full-time carnivore if it wasn't for all of the lame vitamins and nutrients we need from all the other food groups...

So when my mom started working on this Christmas morning, I just about died from the aromas.

I went and sat there and just watched her prepare it. I think I even cried a little.

Nom, nom, nom...

Day 69; Christmas Eve Fun

I had a really nice Christmas Eve.

Even though it should have been cold outside, it felt like a Spring or Fall day so it was still really beautiful!

Wound up in City Park for a little while which was so lovely!

As one of my first gifts of the holidays, I got The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum!

Ms. Beranbaum is a chemist turned baker/artist/sculptor of cakes. The book is filled to the brim with recipes for every kind of cake you can imagine with every kind of icing you can dream of!!

I've actually wanted this book for quite a while because, like I told you back in the day, I LOVE TO BAKE!

Whenever I go home, I always wind up baking one thing or another. One time I came home and went crazy in the kitchen. I baked cookies, brownies, cupcakes, a rainbow cake, and something else I think. Momma wasn't too happy with me because everyone in the house was trying to eat healthier...except me.

But I love baking so much I just can't help myself!

My children will have mountains of pancakes and cinnamon buns and all kinds of goodnesses for breakfast that'll give them diabetes by the time they're 20! Yayy!

FINE! Okay, not really... I'll give them eggs or something, too...

Anyway, I'm really excited about getting into this book and really making my friends and family hate me for making them all obese! I can hardly wait!!!

Watch out, kids. :D

Day 68; Tipsy

Technically I should be on day 80 but where am I? Day 68. Fail.

Don't worry though. I'll catch up :)

So on Day 68 I got a fun text message from a silly little friend with lots of delicious wine in their system.

This friend will remain anonymous.

*sigh* I found lots of amusement in this conversation as a whole.

I shall now have to go wine tasting. I love crackers and presents!