Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 149; Diego

I have a friend named Diego.

He's been asking for a post about him.

His name is Diego.

He knows philosophical things.

He is a Knight and he has a lot of hair.

I have a class with him.

He is cool.

His name is Diego.

The end.

Day 148; Joseph

In preparation for Tiger Awakening 53, I needed to do a little shopping at Hobby Lobby.

I love that place.

I have to be careful or days will go by while I'm in there.

I'll go in there on a Tuesday and get so caught up in everything it'll be Friday before I force myself out.

I'm a serious Hobby Lobbier. I buy all kinds of things I don't need.

My favorite is the wall decor in there. When I was doing Awakening shopping, I saw this framed picture.

I pretty much almost died.

As you all know, I'm a sucker for fatherhood and a MAJOR baby when it comes to St. Joseph.

Got a little misty eyed...

*tear* Gosh, I swear I wouldn't do this here...

Day 147; Donkey Kong

I got a gorilla costume the other day!

Well I borrowed it from a friend of a friend of a friend. Literally.

I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who has a gorilla costume.

And that costume is the one you see here!

I want to wear it on, so bad.

I could do so many things! A world of adventure is right here at my finger tips!

Now I only need the guts to DO THIS!

Day 146; Rent-A-Car

My car went into the shop to fix that awful dent in the side of it from that wreck in early February.

Got a rental from Enterprise.

That place was crazy the day I went in. There were about 20 people in there and right next to me was a little girl playing some bubble breaking game on her mother's iPhone. iPhone turned to full volume with a game that had LOTS of sounds...






I wanted my life to be over. I wished for the death of me or for that dang iPhone to be smashed into smithereens. 

Try that again, little girl. Momma looks away for just a second and BAM! I'LL THROW IT ON THE GRRROOOOOUUUNNNNDDD!

What now?! What?!

I'm scary when I'm tired...

Day 145; Transformer

My aspirations have hit an all time high.


This guy.

I'm looking into an apprenticeship right now because this is all I want to be after I graduate.

People wouldn't even be able to handle me. Kind of like now...

Day 144; Green Thumb

When I have a house, I will have a beautiful garden. It'll be the best darn garden you've ever seen.

I will have the greenest thumb you'v ever seen.

I will be an artist and my front yard will be my canvas.

Gosh, I'm so deep...

In all seriousness, I've actually been keeping a mental note and vision of how I want this future garden to look like. I pick up ideas here and there and every time I see a vase of flowers, I can't help but smile to myself. I love flowers, and I can't wait to put my hands to work in my future yard and create something beautiful!

Day 143; Home

Being home a couple days for Mardi Gras was great.

I love the way my house smells.

So when I came back to school and saw this in the library, I just had to smile.

So much truth. Mmm...

Day 142; Mardi Gras 2011

I spent one day in the quarter for Mardi Gras break. And what a day it was!

I spent it with my mother, family friends, and a few of my friends, too!

The weather was gorgeous and I spent the entire day exploring downtown and laughing until my cheeks hurt. The night was spent adventuring across the city and experiencing New Orleans native style.

It was perfect! :)

I thought this was a real person when I first saw it.

Day 141; Messy Room Says Everything

What does this photo say about me?

Could it be that I am the most painfully stereotypical woman to ever exist?

Could it say I'm a disorganized slob who needs to get her priorities straight?

Could it be both??

I am psychoanalyzing the life out of this picture.

What does it all mean!?

PS - I'm sorry. It's 2:15 in the morning and I'm hopped up on coffee. I cannot be held responsible for anything I post on this date.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 140; Menchie's

You really can't bring me to Menchie's.

It's a bad idea.

"Why," you ask?

Let me show you...

This is wonderful dangerous.

It is good bad.

I am so bad when I get to places like these. Doesn't anyone know that I should never be allowed to serve myself anything?! Does no one know about my sweet tooth!?

Am I alone on this planet?!

Day 139; Pulling Off Style

Sometimes I think I can pull things off.

Like this...

What did I do? Throw up 80's all over myself?

Yep, sometimes I think I can wear things...but I am so terribly, terribly incorrect it's painful. They say it's all about how you work it. In my case, however, I can't really work anything. I just need to stick to my dresses and flowers and leave the daring things up Rock & Roll bands and Gaga.

 That wallet is awesome and completely made out of duck tape by a very talented friend of mine. But the wallet combined with the glasses, combined with my hair cut, and colorful outfit I had on...

I didn't realize it till I looked at myself in the mirror when I got home that afternoon. I was ready to put myself out of my misery.

Note to self: When you think you can pull something can't.

Day 138; Steamboat Willie

Life of a college student is so hard...

[I wish you could see the projection better! gah!]
They make us watch movies about Steamboat Willie (the first version of Mickey Mouse.)

I don't think I can make it to's too hard.

Higher education is


*falls to the floor dramatically*

137; Phone Phreak-Out

My phone freaked out the other day.

This basically means that it doesn't even have any idea of what's going on with it....

On June 11th I get my iPhone.

After that?

World domination.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 136; You Should Kick Me

I am really bad at this, I know.

I love blogging. I really do. But being a college student does not allow me to be as active as I would like on here. So for now, all of those infamous bloggers like The Pioneer Woman and Hyperbole and a Half can rest easy. I will not be dominating their fans any time soon because I just don't have the time to build and evolve the blog. But if I did...WATCH OUT!

I know those bloggers were shaking in their trousers. ;)


Anyway, so for this day I'm just going to post a secret from PostSecret because this one particularly moved me.

At Mass last Sunday, our pastor said something that really stayed with me. He said, "I am not okay. You are not okay. But it's okay." Simple enough, right? But it's got a lot of exceptional truth in it. To me anyway, haha! :)

Don't get me wrong. Life is good but this place is not. I love living with all of my heart but I can't wait to move past this life and on to be with my Groom.

Yes, I love to live but living is hard. Life is hard. But it's okay.

And that's how I would always like to see things. I would like to confidently say, "I'm not okay. But it's okay." I'm not some victim but a survivor who is surviving and living hard.

We've all got a cross. We're all bearing something and it hurts and it's painful and we're so, so tired. But know that it's going to be okay and that it is okay. Sometimes we're so deep in that darkness and blur that it's hard to see. I can say with confidence that I know for a fact that everyone reading this has been there. That's just one way we are all connected. I know we've all been here in one way or another so we know this feeling. Some are farther than others but none of you are in that territory alone.

I don't know about you guys but I find no comfort in knowing that I'm not alone when I'm going through a hard time. Someone will say, "Oh, Kelly. Know that you are not alone." And I know that. I understand that I'm not alone but those nights where I found myself in a really dark place, I prayed that I was alone and that no one else would ever have to experience what I was feeling. I wished I was alone. When I'm unhappy, I do not say, "I could be unhappy with someone! Then we could be unhappy together!" That's absurd!

My comfort comes from knowing that there are people who have gone through the same thing and survived it. Knowing that others went through something like I am and have come out on top is where I find peace of mind. To know those people are okay now and possibly better off helps me a great deal.

I am not okay. And neither are you. But it's okay.

It is okay.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 135; Jelly?

There's legit. And there's totes.
There's presh. And others.

But there is a trend I've noticed recently that I don't fully understand how on Earth it became a trend.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

As you see...those are both in one day...

For those of you who don't understand, jelly is short for jealous.

How is this spreading? If fetch didn't catch on after Mean Girls, how is jelly catching?

I will never understand these things...

Maybe I'm just jelly.


Day 134; This one time, Michael walked in to the same burger joint...

When I get bored, I play games online.

It doesn't matter what the game is as long as it keeps my attention.

So I play games like Papa's Burgeria on

I have a problem.

But that's not my point today.

So Saturday was very possibly the most boring day of my young life. I read a little for school but then I was at a loss as to what to do with myself.

Well I guess I could have exercised... HA! Funny... I actually would have gone on a little bike ride but I lack the a bicycle.

So I read a little more and played games on my computer. One of those games being Papa's Burgeria... *hangs head in shame*

While playing, I was totally surprised when Michael walked in...

First of all, I am truly ashamed to share with you guys the fact that I play lame games like this...

But right now I don't care. It's what I do. Why hide it?

So there's Michael...well, not actually Michael. Not even an avatar he made...just a character created by the creator of this stupid game!

But does it not look like Michael??! Weird...

Day 133; :D

My mom wasn't sure what :D meant. hehe!

She misses me.

She also says there word "mutha."