Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 71; When Parents Text

This is a website that is sweeping the nation.

It provides more laughter and entertainment than you would have ever thought possible. It's just a collection of text messages from parents that people from all over the nation have submitted to this one site. The texts are complete with typos, random thoughts, and a lot of other crazy things that mothers and fathers have SMSed to their children.

It's amazing.

My cousin, who is a year younger than I am, came over the day after Christmas. I haven't seen him in 3 or 4 years so I was kind of nervous about the reunion. We used to be extremely close and all of a sudden we didn't speak or see each other for such a long time. What would I say to him? He's probably not the same person I was so close to so long ago. So when he came over, I awkwardly whipped out this website. I'm still not sure why... I'm so awkward that it's a real problem.

We wound up looking at page after page cracking up at all of the silly conversations posted up. It was a Kodak moment if I ever saw one.

When Parents Text. It brings families together. ;)

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