Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 132; Artsy-Fartsy

What most people don't know about me is that I'm really deep and artsy.

I make things because I'm so crafty and creative.

My latest piece is probably my best work of art yet.


I know what you're thinking... "WHAT A GENIUS!"

But please, please. If the praise continues, I may get a big head.

I call it the Doughice-icorn.

Gosh, you know...Sometimes I'm just too amazing for my own good.

Day 131; Healthy Snackage

All I eat is junk.

That's because junk is cheap and it tastes good. But I decided to make a change in my eating habits.

Oooooohhhh yeeeahhhhh.

Soak it up, people. Look at those colors.

My life has never been so boring...

I miss my chocolate swiss rolls and dunk-a-roos...

Day 130; TNM

Stopped by Rocket's on Tuesday after work.

Rocket's is the closest place I can get to Cheers.

And by that I mean the Norm Effect.

And by that I mean the part where Norm would walk in to Cheers and everyone screamed, "NORM!" And then he would say some witty comment.

Not everyone knows my name here but when I walk in, I get a good amount of heys and waves and head nods.

I'm not witty enough to say the funny things like Norm does so anything that came out of my mouth would just be weird and awkward probably.

Because I'm painfully weird and awkward.

Anyway, I like the guys at Rocket's. They're good people and they teach me how to play Doodle Jump. :)

129; Construction Slap in the Face

They're doing construction all by the building I pass when walking on to campus every day.

Last week, I came across this little obstacle on my path to class.

It was a nice little "Ha! What now students?!" from the iron workers.

I mean, do you see any construction on that 10 foot stretch of sidewalk??


Clearly fighting The Man here. It was awesome.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

128; The Potato Button

I discovered something legitimately life changing this week...

The Potato Button on our microwave...

Um, did you know about this?!

"What's so great about it," you ask??

"What does this button do???"


Brothers! Sisters! I have some news to share!!

Tell me. Do you ever just want to bake a nice potato in a matter of minutes??

Just pop it in something, press a button, and be done with it?!

WELL! It is literally possible thanks to the microwave Potato Button!!

All you do is press the button, put the number of how ever many potatoes there are, and then press start!!

Within a few minutes, you have yourself a fully baked, delicious potato for you delight in!

I'm crying....

I will never be the same.

Thank you, Stephanie, for altering my life and opening my eyes to wonderment.

Day 127; "I Love to Cry at Weddings!"

Attended the Wolfson/Bates wedding this past weekend with some of the Schroeders, Elizabeth, and Michael.

'Twas an awesome night with some awesome food and an awesome band.

We practically never left the dance floor and I loved it!

Pretty much shut the whole joint down because it's the only way we roll. Done.

Day 126; LCCS

Students from all over the state came together Friday and Saturday for the monthly LCCS meeting!

We went to the gymnastics meet against Georgia which was super impressive!

We played Hide and Go Seek with the lights out which was fun.

We played mafia where the mafia manipulated everyone into thinking I was in the mafia...

I'm still recovering from the heart ache and emotional scars but whatever....nbd..

And the night ended with a beautiful Divine Mercy Chaplet by the tabernacle.

Such a fun and joyful night!!

Day 125; Zach's Absence

Sometimes Zachary has the gall to leave us in Baton Rouge.

This past week, he left on a Thursday...

So after a trio date with Elizabeth and Lauren, we all just sat in Zach's room and talked about how much we missed him.

Michael grieving Zach's absence.

It was all just for the sake of theatrics, but Zach is truly always missed when he goes home.

We actually all started texting him things like, "Hey Zach, I'm eating chips and salsa in your bed! Bye!"

He threatened our lives but I wasn't scared because I'm the big dog. No one takes me down. ;)

Day 124; To Covington

The next day Michael, Jason, and I went to Covington to be with Therese.

Drew came for the ride to see a little sneak peek of the town.

We all brainstormed to tackle this little beast of a crossword that turned out to be quite vincible. :)

Threw it on the grooooouuuunnnnnddd.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 123; Breaching the Border

Last Tuesday a few friends and I went through Mississippi to get to Vidalia, Louisiana to be with Elizabeth.

Upon approaching the Mississippi state line, this is what we were welcomed with...

What you don't see is the welcome sign to the right reading, "Welcome to Mississippi. It's like coming home."

Christina, Therese, and I were a little nervous. I'm not going to lie, it was incredibly eerie how the fog started so suddenly and RIGHT on the state line.

I was ready for the Zombies of Mississippi to come out and start attacking our car so they could eat our brains...
Maybe I've been watching the guys play too much Left 4 Dead. Maybe I'm just a realist.

I was mentally preparing myself for zombies or ogres though... One can never be too careful. You may call me crazy, but we'll see who's crazy when you get your head bitten off and I slay 67 ogres and 14 zombies in 12 minutes flat. We'll see who's crazy then...

We lived to see the Louisiana state line again where the fog promptly cleared up.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

122; Spreading the Love

I found this little note in a stall in one of the girls' bathrooms on campus.

Reminds me how good people are, and how maybe, just maybe, we've all got each other's back.

I don't know who did this, but thank you for spreading the love.

YOU are wonderful! :)

Day 121; Marathon Momma

Last Sunday, my 48 year old mother ran a full 26 mile marathon through New Orleans.


That's a 26 minute drive if you're going 60 mph the entire way...

I can run about 4 without having to walk and then I'm toast.

She had been training for a long time for this and she didn't walk once. That's right. Ran the whole way.

I am in awe. IN. AWE.

This was something she had on her Bucket List! So now she can cross it off!!

I was extremely nervous about the whole endeavor but she prevailed! I am so, so incredibly proud of this woman and am honored to say I am her daughter.

I come from strong blood...WATCH OUT!
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Day 120; Opera

Last Saturday we saw Kori's brother, Kameron, sing in an American opera at Loyola.

Stolen from facebook.
Needless to say, the boy rocked it and it was good to see a little of what he's been up to in good ole NOLA.

Good luck, Kameron!

Day 119; Metairie

My family lives in Metairie.

I wouldn't say I'm from Metairie even though that's where we've lived the longest because most of my childhood memories take place in Lakeview and in Kenner. We lived both for a good amount of time so I consider myself just as much a native from those places as I do Metairie.

Now, I know Metairie might not be the loveliest of towns or cities or, in this case, CBDs, but it is my home.

It's the place I know most about and the place I go when Baton Rouge becomes a little too much for me every now and then.

Metairie is my home and I love when I get to go back there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 118; Wreckage

Remember when I got in that fender bender about a year and a half ago?

It was pretty bad then. Totaled my wonderful, little car.

Well...uh...Introducing Wreck #2...

I should start off by saying that, like a year and a half ago, it wasn't my fault again.

It was raining Wednesday night, a guy peeled out of a side street onto Burbank and ran right into the side of me.

I wasn't sure before, but I'm pretty positive that there is a neon sign over my car that says, "Please, crash into the side of my car. It's my favorite thing."

Luckily, again, no one was hurt. The other driver's insurance will take care of everything and not a penny will be asked of me.

Life is good when it's not your fault. Until then, Rudy--that's my car's name--will have to have this little blemish...

Next person to run into the side of me will get pied in the face.

Yeah, that's right. I said it.

Don't mess with me...

Day 117; Jim and Pam

I've been trying to catch up on The Office lately. The show hasn't been doing as well but I still love it.

I love the show for two reasons.

1. Because Michael Scott is the best, most hilarious boss ever.

2. Jim and Pam

And I love Jim and Pam for a lot of different reasons. Like the fact that John Krasinski is adorable, and his character's adoration for Pam is absolutely captivating, and Jim and Pam together are the greatest duo.

They are both like a team. Two even players playing for each other. They get each other, accept each other, and look out for each other. It's the best. That's the way couples should be. Two best friends on the same team.

When I put on The Office, I'm watching it because I just love those two.

I don't watch a lot of TV, but these two are definitely on my Top TV Show Couples List!

What?? You don't have a Top TV Show Couples List?
Pfftt....that's weird...pfft....

Day 116; iPhone Anticipation

Verizon got the iPhone.

This means Kelly is getting the iPhone.

Kelly has been wanting the iPhone 4 since the day it came out.

Kelly is very excited.

Kelly doesn't know why she's talking about herself in 3rd person....

Okay, I'm done.

My contract is up in June.

June 11th to be exact!

Yea, my momma still talks to me like this. Yea, I'm 21. Be jealous.

This text conversation says one thing.

Kelly is spoiled rotten.

Day 115; Mistaken Bliss

Last week I sold a lot of dessert while serving at the restaurant.

My favorite dessert that we have is called the Fire & Ice. It's this molten lava cake brownie thing and some chocolately vanillay ice cream. It's immaculate. That's the only word I can think of to describe it... The combination of hot chocolate and cold ice cream is amazing... I die a little every time I have to watch some customer consume one. It kills me, people.

So last week, when I sold one of these amazingly, delicious treats, I prayed to God and asked Him for a dessert mess up in the kitchen. I asked that somehow I would get to eat the Fire & Ice for free because the kitchen messed up.

Prayers answered.

Check that out, babyyyyy. The kitchen accidentally made two.


The message of this story? God loves Kelly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 114; Student Worker

I worked a lot last weekend.

I had school work to do, so I decided to multi-task...because I'm a woman. And everyone knows women have an incredible, inherent ability to multi-task. Everyone knows that.

So I studied, took sushi orders, and exercised my super awesome woman skills. Nbd.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 113; King Cake Babies

Kori came in town this weekend which was fun! We made a trip to Wal-Mart to get some groceries for Jase and this is what greeted us at the door...


Who did this? No. Who got paid to do this?

Kori said something like, "What if this is the baby that came with your king cake?"

As in, you bought a king cake but you couldn't see it in the box because a humongous baby doll was also crammed in there. 

That's how only the hardcore people do it. Who knew I've been living my whole life on the softcore side of things?

Gosh, this is embarrassing...

Day 112; Nearly Naked Sushi...

My place of business is doing a special event at their Highland location in a week and a half.

This "special" event makes me uncomfortable....

"Spectacular Models" ?????


This is just sitting by my hostess stand...staring at me...

Every time I look at it, all I can think about is Samantha Jones in the Sex in the City movie...

I can't handle that image, people.

Luckily, it's not at our location so I don't have to worry about running into any "nearly naked sushi" models wearing nothing but sushi.

Oh brother...

Day 111; Free Lunch

Every Thursday from 12-1pm at CTK is Free Lunch.

It's kind of a big deal. No. It's REALLY a big deal. There were a few semesters where I literally scheduled around it to make sure I did not have class during that time. No lie.

Usually, it's a group of Knights of Columbus who come from different parishes and provide the lunch for us. It's really awesome. Jambalaya has been on the menu for the past few weeks so when I called Ms. Carla in the office to see if Free Lunch was still on and she told today was lasagna day, I almost died.



No but really...I did text my friends about the news...because I'm a loser.

Here's what Michael had to say...

Seriously. Free Lunch is a big deal.

I'm in the process of trying to stage a stampede down the block to the Church to the food. It's going to pretty much be the most epic thing to ever happen....ever....

Better than Woodstock. Mark my words.

Day 110; Dunk-A-Roos

Anyone remember these little treats?

Yes. That's right.

THOSE little treats.

Dunk-A-Roos and I go waaay back. Back to the days of kickball, after care, and Archdiocese of New Orleans lunches. I remember always feeling a little bit jealous of the kids who had these in their lunch boxes.

The other day I decided that I needed Dunk-A-Roos. NEEDED. As in, if I didn't have these little cookies soon, life as I knew it would end. And that would be it for me. Dunzo.

So I did what anyone does when they need to know where one can find Dunk-A-Roos. I asked the good people on Facebook.

Literally, within 10 minutes I was on my way to the nearest Dollar General--exactly 4.4 miles away from my apartment--to get me some of this childhood goodness.

I bought two boxes and my life didn't end.

And then I lived happily ever after...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 109; Dead as a Door Nail

We were pretty dead on Tuesday.


So I didn't get a lot of tables but I had a good time with the tables I did get. The positive thing about slower nights is that the tables that you do have get more of your attention and so it's easier to take care of them.


If we have another slow night like that again anytime soon, I'm gonna take someone out...

And it is not going to be pretty.


Day 108; Servin' Sushi

I'm officially a server at the restaurant now, as well as a hostess.

The verdict?


Serving as in waitressing which are apparently two different things but we won't get into that tonight. What we will get into is the fact that I love serving. And ever since I've been serving, hostessing has not been as much fun...

The perks of hostessing is that you don't ever have to close and your side work is little to nothing if you stay on top of things all night. Also, there is always the regular wage as a hostess as opposed to the server's wage as a server.

The perks of serving is that you make a lot more money (especially if you rock at your job.) And you get to deal with the people more. PLUS, there is always something to do if the restaurant is steady so time zooms by.

I'm just having a lot of fun with serving tables and the instant money to show for my work feels really awesome.

I love currency...and serving...

Day 107; PostSecret

I like Post Secret.

Every Sunday they post new secrets.

So here's what I liked from this past week's selections!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 106; Rules and Morals

At the conference that I've been posting about, we had Cory Hayes speak for one of the workshops.

Because I don't have a picture of Cory speaking, here's my bio and head shot from the program just for kicks and giggles...
[A promising candidate, eh? I was born for politics.]
Anyway, so Cory Hayes is a Theologian from Covington and a really awesome speaker.

His talk was entitled, "Christianity and the Good Life: Making Moral Decisions when Rules are Not Helpful." Now, I had heard this talk twice before but even on the third go-round, I still got a lot of new things out of it.

One point that Cory made specifically though is the one I would like to talk about here.

Toward the end of his workshop, he said, "If you get nothing out of this talk today, please hear this. If you are worried about whether or not you should do a certain thing, think to yourself. If you do this, what kind of person will that make you?"

Simple enough, right?

I've had a lot of questions lately for myself as to what is right when it comes to good ethics and morals. Should I share and send my music with my buds? Is going 10 miles over the speed limit really so wrong? When I'm talking about someone and gossiping, who is that really hurting if the subjects of that gossip will probably never find out? Other small things like that, other bigger things, too.

Knowing that those decisions are wrong and could very well negatively affect someone else one way or the other and still doing them is not okay. And if I continue to do the things I know are wrong, what kind of person does that make me?

Certainly not a lady. Certainly not a woman trying--and naturally failing--to emulate the Mother of God. Certainly not a daughter of the King.

Sets things in a new perspective for me. I shall continue to mull this over. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 105; R. Kelly

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I MCed the LCCS 2011 Conference with my friend, Randall.

Randall is super hilarious and a student from Nicholls. He was a great co-MC! He had the entire audience cracking up with his wittiness. It was such a fun experience!

No one should ever give me a microphone. Once I have one in my hand, there's really no controlling me after that. Oh man...and if it's a wireless microphone? Well then that's really it for me...

I'm standing on stage with lights shining on me and a microphone in my hand... That tells my psyche it's time to rock n' roll. And once my psyche is rockin' and rollin'... It's hard to give up the microphone... Then the microphone becomes a comfort thing. Without it, I'm lost. I start planning out what I'm going to say into the microphone the next chance I get it. 

Quick! Come up with something important to say so you can use the microphone again!!! It's best if you can draw it out as long as possible!

I'm a mic hog. It's shameful.

I'm just thankful Randall was there to set me straight. Homeboy kept me in line.

[None of that is true....Okay....perhaps it's partially true...]

Haha! In all seriousness, everyone had a really great time at the conference, and I got a lot of good feedback from a lot of the students who came.

By the end of the weekend, Randall and I were very sad to say goodbye to everyone...and our microphones...


Day 104; The Program...

I was in charge of putting the LCCS annual conference program booklet together again this year.

It's tedious work. And a lot of work.

Being the amazing procrastinator I am, I waited to the very last second.

The job involves, putting a booklet cover together, getting the speaker bios & head shots, the new board bios & head shots, the lyrics for the band's music, the Benediction and Adoration prayers, the night prayers, the examination of conscience, the sponsor adds, and the schedule together.

It doesn't seem like much, but it involves me harassing a lot of different people to give me what I needed for the program. It's absurd.

Then Microsoft Publisher is just bad in itself. It's easy, but very limiting. I am an artist people...I cannot be limited. *Gets dramatic...*

[It kind of looks retro, haha]
Anyway, overall it took me a little over 13 hours to put it together and I barely made it to the printers in time.

I got very little sleep the night before the conference but I finished the 23-page program. And I am proud of the finished product! I am also glad it's done! Yayyyy!

Day 103; Corolla T's

Jason has this theory.

"I feel like pretty much all of the new Corollas have license plates that start with a T," he proclaimed the other day.

I have a new Corolla. My license plate? TJC 763.

I had never really thought about it until Jason said something, but now I've been keeping an eye out. And you know what? The boy's right.

[I know. I'm such a creeper. I am painfully aware of this fact.]

I took this in the CEBA parking lot the other day.

I don't know why it is this way. And I'm not sure how Jason picked up on this...but it's true...

Keep an eye out for it, folks.

*Dr. Evil Voice* Peculiar. A little...too peculiar.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 102; Stone

This is Stone.

He's a punk and a rascal.

This one time we were both in muumuus --don't ask-- and I took him down to the ground. He'll never admit it though. But it did happen. Trust me.

Anyway, Stone is at my apartment a lot. You see, he's dating my roommate so I see him all the time.

Some times he's a little uncontrollable in his rascaliness. I have to strong arm him into a head lock until he cools off. Stephanie, my roommate, is lucky to have me around so I can put him in his place.

What a punk... ;)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 101; Inbox Very, Very Full

Before the LCCS Conference this past weekend, my inbox got ridiculous.

My e-mails are sent to my Blackberry and if I walked away from that phone for even just 5 minutes, I'd come back to 6-8 e-mails all concerning LCCS.

LCCS is Louisiana Catholic College Students. An organization that networks college students from Catholic Student Centers on campuses all over the state. It's pretty cool, and I'm on the executive board for it. Each year, the organization puts on a student-run conference. It's a weekend long with a lot of high name speakers and other fun things.

I was an MC for it with my pal, Randall. (That'll be in another post to come.) I also was in charge of putting the conference program booklet together among other things.

So here's a look at my inbox last week...

It got severely worse after that, too.

Everyone put a lot of hard work into this conference and I will tell you all about it in future posts! So keep an eye out!

Day 100; Wow..

It really freaks me out that it's already Day 100. It doesn't feel like 100 days have passed since I started this little project. This project that I am apparently AWFUL at keeping up with.

Time freaks me out sometimes. Just because it's what I have least control over and what I want to have the most control over, you know?

But if I did, moments wouldn't be as precious, you know? Time keeps the value in those moments.

Mmm, I like that.

Also, I've been having a lot of fun these past hundred days... So, so much fun.

Thank you all who have been able to keep up with me and put up with my shenanigans. You people are saints in my book. And trust me, I have a book.

Day 99; CRIKEY! A Rare Sight to See

I have a friend who makes his bed every single day.

My longest streak of making my bed everyday is about a week or so. Maybe less.

Through high school my mother begged and pleaded with me to make my bed every morning. I've just never been able to do it.

But my friend does. He actually does. He's like a unicorn.

I have never once seen it unmade unless he was doing laundry. In those cases, the sheets were off of his bed so it didn't count anyway.

But happened.

The moment I've been waiting for. A sighting so's value is incalculable.

Bed. Sheets on. Unmade.

Yep. That's right. I don't even care if it's creepy that I took a picture of his bed. I have this shiz documented for the rest of history.

Hey, buddy. Caught ya...
Yeah. You know who you are...
The jig is up.

Day 98; Da Baum

Barrett came in this weekend.

It was awesome. We ate some sushi, drank some beer, and were made merry.

He brought Halo Reach and I literally watched the guys play till 4 in the morning. Elizabeth watched, too. No regrets.

PS - Sometimes I fail at getting pictures....So I steal them from Elizabeth's 365 Project. I'll always give her credit for the robbed ones. Thanks, Elizabeth! :)

I miss Barrett.

Day 97; Rumbly in the Tumbly


I still exist. I haven't forgotten about you! It's started....and...I'm busy all of a sudden....

Gosh...I feel awkward....

So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to post 5 posts a day until I'm completely caught up. Then I'll change the profile to showing just 3 posts at a time again. This way, I can actually catch up in a reasonable amount of time after the damage I just did.

So here goes nothin'!

My stomach has always made noises. Not just a mild growl when I'm hungry every now and then. No. My stomach ROARS when it's hungry...AND when it's digesting...AND when it doesn't like something...

My tummy is grinding and screaming at all times.

So when I'm in a quiet lecture or discussion class, things get kind of awkward for everyone around me.

There I am, just sitting in class with my stomach rumbling like it's going out of style. Everyone is looking at me. Some  students smile and turn back around. Others start to fidget. Everyone gets a little uncomfortable because they have to ignore something that is extremely loud and painfully noticeable.

So I started bring snacks to every class. Junk food snacks...but snacks nonetheless. Typically, this doesn't work for me because, like I said, my stomach still grumbles when it's digesting. However, the digesting sound is slightly more mellow than the hungry growling. So I just settle for it...

Friends always give me weird looks when I explain to them that I'm not hungry, and that my stomach always makes noises.

Oh, Kelly, are you hungry?
Oh, no. I ate a few minutes ago. My stomach just always makes weird noises.
*Gives blank look and walks away.*

I'm a freak, people. So sue me!