Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 149; Diego

I have a friend named Diego.

He's been asking for a post about him.

His name is Diego.

He knows philosophical things.

He is a Knight and he has a lot of hair.

I have a class with him.

He is cool.

His name is Diego.

The end.

Day 148; Joseph

In preparation for Tiger Awakening 53, I needed to do a little shopping at Hobby Lobby.

I love that place.

I have to be careful or days will go by while I'm in there.

I'll go in there on a Tuesday and get so caught up in everything it'll be Friday before I force myself out.

I'm a serious Hobby Lobbier. I buy all kinds of things I don't need.

My favorite is the wall decor in there. When I was doing Awakening shopping, I saw this framed picture.

I pretty much almost died.

As you all know, I'm a sucker for fatherhood and a MAJOR baby when it comes to St. Joseph.

Got a little misty eyed...

*tear* Gosh, I swear I wouldn't do this here...

Day 147; Donkey Kong

I got a gorilla costume the other day!

Well I borrowed it from a friend of a friend of a friend. Literally.

I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who has a gorilla costume.

And that costume is the one you see here!

I want to wear it on, so bad.

I could do so many things! A world of adventure is right here at my finger tips!

Now I only need the guts to DO THIS!

Day 146; Rent-A-Car

My car went into the shop to fix that awful dent in the side of it from that wreck in early February.

Got a rental from Enterprise.

That place was crazy the day I went in. There were about 20 people in there and right next to me was a little girl playing some bubble breaking game on her mother's iPhone. iPhone turned to full volume with a game that had LOTS of sounds...






I wanted my life to be over. I wished for the death of me or for that dang iPhone to be smashed into smithereens. 

Try that again, little girl. Momma looks away for just a second and BAM! I'LL THROW IT ON THE GRRROOOOOUUUNNNNDDD!

What now?! What?!

I'm scary when I'm tired...

Day 145; Transformer

My aspirations have hit an all time high.


This guy.

I'm looking into an apprenticeship right now because this is all I want to be after I graduate.

People wouldn't even be able to handle me. Kind of like now...