Thursday, July 30, 2009

B O B 2

I sit here wondering if Brother stories will ever stop. This is only the second I've really told you about but oh, there are so many more. A cornucopia, perhaps. :)

So I'm sitting at our coffee table the other day, eating the delicious turkey sandwich I just made, again, minding my own business when my phone rings. It's brother. So out of second nature, I mentally prepare myself for my conversation with him and then I answer.

"Hey, Bob."
"Hey, Kel!"
"What's up?"
"I wanted to talk to you. So Lucky is going to die one day."
"You there?"
"...uh huh..."
"Okay, cool. So when Lucky dies, can we call a taxidermist?"
*snickers, laughs*
"That isn't funny, Bobby. Why would you ask me that question?"
*snickers some more* "What? We couldn't?"
"No, that's disgusting. Please, don't call me back." *Hangs up*

Lucky, is my baby. He's the cutest, sweetest cat you've ever met. No lie. He has converted many anti-feline people. He's not like other cats. He's a little pudgy and has won the heart of everyone he's ever cuddled up with. You don't even know.

As I was hanging up on brother, I could still hear his evil little chuckle on the other end...

I'll never understand it. I feel you can never really mentally prepare yourself for brother. No matter how hard you may try...

That same night #2 made some awesome Green Bean Almondine. It made my heart sing.

That's all, folks!

P.S. - Finished all summer school today!! *Does a little boogie* Freedom! *Gospel choir echos, "Freedom!!"*

If you like Pina Coladas...

I got caught in the rain THREE times this's been kind of fun and very humorous.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Worst Roommate That Ever Lived

The following photograph contains matter that is suitable for mature audiences only. If you have a weak stomach, a heart condition, or if you are pregnant, please do not continue. Viewer discretion is advised.

I know, right?!

It hurts me, too. Those of you who know me, know how important and eminent my bed is to me. You see, I have this thing about people in my bed who are not me... My bed is a beautiful, beautiful thing. With my wonderful high thread count sheets, my heavenly down comforter, and my down pillows, nights are like sleeping in the clouds. I have no problems with people sitting on my bed. None whatsoever. But to pull down the sheets and to get into my beloved little slice of heaven on Earth is MURDER! How could she do it? Look how cruel she is! All entwined in my little fluffy cloud. There is a haunting look of satisfaction on her face.

You have your own bed, #2! A bed you claimed to be the most comfortable out of the three of ours! So why must you do this to me?!

She does it because she knows it shakes my very core...She rubbed her face in my sheets!! And then she laughed!! What an evil laugh it was! *sobs* I go through torture like this everyday of my life. I live in fear. It use to just be physical abuse. I could take that. The bruises healed. But this? No, I fear that I will never be the same after this.

That's it! I'm moving out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smooth Sailing

So I've been getting a lot of, "So how come you never talk about me in your blog?" Surprisingly from a hand full of people! Sorry, my loves!

Finals are in a couple of days so that is really where all my attention is being pointed at. School work and work work are really taking up all my time at this point. After this week, however, that will fortunately not be the case for a little while. I hadn't realized I was so exhausted until I found myself climbing into bed at around 10 o'clock last night! I know, right? I got just about 12 hours of sleep. Though I feel like I may have needed that, my body isn't too happy with me getting such an immense amount of sleep like I did. Oh well! She'll forgive me! :)

I've picked up Wizard's First Rule again now that I'm finished Captivating. So good!

This weekend was not too bad at work. I got to see a lot of Miss Panda.

Isn't she just the prettiest thing?! Boy, have I missed this girl!

After work on Saturday, a bunch of us went to The Cabin which is a little local bar down the street from work. I caught up a little with Gregarious and my Archnemesis. That was really nice. Goof got hit on by an older woman who seemed to have had a little too much to drink that night. She approached him by the jukebox....I took pictures...

What?! I had to! It was too funny!

She was quite a woman. Eventually, he escaped to the bathroom and sent a mass text to all of us who were there. The message simply read, "FML"

Good times, eh Goof? hehe!

Sunday I worked again and then headed back to the apartment. Went to 8 o'clock mass with #2. Afterwards, we got to see my VBF, No Hitter, and Hollywood!

Those guys are somethin' else, I'll tell ya! When I was hugging my VBF goodbye, he decided it'd be funny to pick me was scary. He did the same thing to #2 and her reaction was great! :)

So that was the weekend. I'll be going home for a good little bit starting Friday.

For some reason I feel extremely eager/anxious about something. I don't know which one (eager or anxious), I don't know what that "something" is, and I have absolutely no clue as to why. Eh, who knows?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oh, brother.

He's quite a character. He's also my best buddy. And, whether we can believe it or not, we share the same blood. ;) He has taught me a lot but probably the most important thing I've learned from him is to not take myself too seriously. He brings out the very best and the very worst in me giving us a crazy rollercoaster-esque relationship that not many people understand. I don't even understand it!

Yesterday I was getting ready for work, washing my face, minding my own business when he comes in the bathroom to talk. He takes one look at me and asks, "Whoa, why do you have big bags under your eyes?" Thanks, bro! So I had to explain to him that they were not bags, that they were circles and I had them because I am a college student who had to study for a test the night before. "They're like dark shadows," he added....*sigh* I then told him that if he ever had a thought like that again, it'd be best to just keep it to himself. Actually...I wish my response was that polite... in reality I called him an arse, slammed the door, and wallowed in self-pity. Hey! We can't all be perfect!

The door remained closed for about a minute. Brother stood there desperately trying to make amends by saying things like, "I have circles, too, Kelly! A lot of people have circles!" It was really sweet and, considering my feelings weren't hurt in the least, I decided to relieve his grief like the amazing big sister I am. ;) This is when I opened the door and explained to him that with women, it's probably best to keep certain types of thoughts to yourself and that a "You look lovely" would work just fine.

Lesson learned and I got a laugh out of it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter

Why, yes! I do have a Twitter!

Click here to check it out!


There's Only This

I will not let myself discuss the results of tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I will not do it. All I will say is that America needs to buy a clue. That's all I'm saying. That's it.

Moving on.

Today was better besides the fact that it was the TWENTY-THIRD!! *scary music*
(23 reference, btw. If you haven't seen that movie, don't. It'll take over your mind.) ;)

So why is it 2:32 AM and I'm sitting here writing to you? Well, first of all, I like you. Second of all, I'm never sure when my next chance to update will be so I've been trying to every chance I get. Third, I just finished flashcards and notes for studying for a test I have tomorrow afternoon and I'm taking a breather. And lastly, because I have something of significance that I want to say.

People, there is a message that we are all being sent that I feel like we're not getting. Actually, we are definitely getting the message, just not listening. I know too many people right now completely discontent, unhappy, and searching. They are going to all of these different outlets looking for this one thing to satisfy them. They can't figure out what that specific "thing" is though. Searching and searching. Looking high and low for it. I could go into detail but it's unnecessary and I think you get the picture. So many people are trying to find peace.

We are told everyday where this peace is. We are constantly being pointed in it's direction but we never listen! Could it be more obvious though? I mean...He pinned Himself up on a big wooden cross to get our attention, for Pete's sake! We are so blind. I know I am... It's so easy to just go looking everywhere else for that satisfaction you're longing for. But is it REALLY easier? We are looking to our hobbies, our relationships, and even ourselves for this rest...this completion. Striving, fighting, working our butts off trying to get there. Trying to get our hearts to just rest.

If we could just be satisfied with Him, I know our hearts will find peace. It's the simple truth. To be able to say that Christ is enough for you is to have a rested heart. If you could just look at Him and decide that you know He is all you need....well, I think you'll find what you've been searching for and that the outcome is worthwhile.

Just something I wanted to get off my chest. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slump De Dump

I woke up this morning in a funk. The sun never really came out to play today for me, ya know? As the day progressed, the funk turned into a slump.

Then it started to rain.

Everyone has these days, right? I'm lucky that, for me, they are few and far between.

I swear it's the weather!

So You Think You Can Dance didn't help with the very emotional dance that Ade and Melissa just did!

I hope you had a beautiful day today!
Sleep well, darlings.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up

So there's a lot to update you could take forever.

It's a lot so I'll just sum up the last week, okay?

Went to the see Harry Potter 6 in Hammond with Deutsch, Libbs, Vanderbilt, & Comedian.

So much fun!! To pass the time, Deutsch, Libbs, and Comedian started a Harry Potter trivia game with the entire theater we were waiting in. It was so great and EVERYONE loved it! Those boys. :D As far as the movie, I loved it. I haven't read the books so, in regards to that, I really can't tell you how the movie compared. What I can tell you is that it was a great mix of humor and magic with a little darkness sprinkled in. Haha!

Thursday I went to Theology on Tap with Deutsch and Libbs. Danny Burns gave a talk on the Theology of the Cross. I liked him a lot and his talk was very uplifting. Afterwards we went back to Deutsch's house to catch up on some Majide! SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW! If you haven't heard of I Survived a Japanese Game Show, look that shiz up, you guys! It'll crack you up!

Friday was KW's birthday. Full of sweets, childhood stories, and some good ole fashioned Hide and Go Seek!

She's an astounding young woman. Just sayin'.

Worked all day Saturday. #1 was worked the double with me. I followed her around....

She loves me and she knows it....despite the fact that I'm a creeper.
Have I mentioned how much I miss her?

Sunday consisted of HP6 again with Brother and Panda. Drove back to the apartment, went to mass with #2, and then had our Sunday night roommate tradition :) She's beautiful. I'll have to tell you about her sometime soon.

Last night, Deutsch and I went to dinner and then came back to 210 to watch a movie with a bunch of friends! Dan in Real Life to be exact. I had a great time and it was the perfect way to start the week!

Today I got out of class obnoxiously early, went to daily mass, and hung out a little with Deutsch & JaseFace. About to go to adoration with #2 and Lakeshore. A great day, I have to say!

Alright, well that's a week's worth of shenanigans so I'll leave it at that.
I hope all of you had a blessed and fantastic week!



I have a book suggestion. I believe you should make it a priority that you read this book. This message goes out to women mostly but it would also be very beneficial for men to read it as well. Put it on the top of your "To Read" list. If you don't have one of those, make one and then make it number one. I just want to quote the entire book to you. You just have to and need to read it.

It's called Captivating. Written by John & Stasi Eldredge. I've mentioned it before. All dramatics aside, it'll change your life. No kidding. Read it! You'll see what I mean.

Smile, my hearts!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Call me Slacker.

I have a lot to update about. I will post all that as soon as I can. I know I'm slacking. Time and motivation are two things I'm seriously lacking at the moment.

Please, bear with me!

In the meantime, here are some PostSecrets I have saved over the years that I just found on my home computer!

Keep smiling,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

We have got to stop meeting like this. ;)

How are you? I sure hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Mine wasn't bad! Friday, I hung out with #2, Hil-Bear, and Libbs. Got ice cream and had a pretty deep, long conversation about life. I always get a little something something out of my talks with Libbs. I really enjoy his friendship!

Saturday was pretty dang long! Worked two parties in Metairie. I stopped at home before but my mom wasn't there. So I went to work without some much needed mother-daughter lovin'! Hehe! Anyways, work was fun! Goofed around a lot with everyone!

(Explanation: Unexplainable.)

Second party was killer. FIVE drinks spilled in a 30 second time frame and then two more right after that. That is not an exaggeration. We rocked it though. Nothing we couldn't handle. :) I was busing the second party and afterward we had to take the trash to the dumpster. I don't know what it was, you guys, but the dumpster smelled particularly awful last night. Ranky death smell, that's the best way I can describe it. So Privateer (aka Gregarious) makes a bet with Goof. Five dollars if he can take 5 big whiffs of the dumpster. As in Goof had to stick his head in the dumpster and everything. I couldn't even go within a five foot radius of that thing!!

What happened?

Well, he did it....

Five big fat whiffs...
Watcha gonna do? Haha!

Went home to this;

my Lucky Ducky!

Got some bonding time with my mom when I woke up today. Came back to the apartment, went to Mass, and saw my VBF! When we got back to the apartment, #2 and I became super anti-social and didn't really feel up for anything so we just chillaxed. Was nice. Now I'm sitting here talking to you guys and watching some terrible Tom Cruise movie.

It's late though and I have class in the morning so I'm going to hit the sheets! Sweet dreams, my hearts!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anais Nin

(Disclaimer: This is not me. Checkout

You see, I'm reading this book right now called Captivating which was written by John & Stasi Eldredge. John Eldredge also wrote Wild at Heart - Captivating's counterpart. Captivating is about the woman's heart while Wild at Heart, needless to say, is about man's.
This quote is really beautiful. It stuck out to me when I was reading Captivating today and then when I checked PostSecret, there it was again. In that case, I figured I'd share it with you loveys.

Long Time, No See!

Well aren't you guys a sight for sore eyes? Oh, how I've missed you!

Looks like my computer will be going on a little hiatus due to some user error.
I'm computer-less for the time being which would be the reason why I haven't updated in a few days.

Let me catch you up!

School has been great. Grades are bringin' down the house.

My July 4th was spent with #2 and Libbs on the levee watching the fireworks show going on downtown. 'Twas amazifying!

Yayy! Afterwards, Volts and Jennings came over and we goofed around, listened to music, played some cards, etc. A lot of fun!

Last night, Libbs and I took a drive to Lacombe/Slidell to see a double feature with Deutsch and his family! My Sister's Keeper was quite the tearjerker. Transformers 2 was....well....not. Good company, some pizza delivered by David, and an episode of Majide was the perfect way to end the night! Haiiii Majideeee!

I hope all of you are doing well and that your summer is going wonderfully!

Well, I have to go get #2 from ballet! Be safe, my darlings!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spread the Joy :)

Swimming, Swimming, Keep on Swimming

So last night was a lot of fun and extremely spontaneous!

Started off with having Volts, Poolboy, and The Fuzz over for dinner.

#2's mom made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. REAL potatoes might I add! #2 made some deliciously divine brownies! I love chocolate.

#2 gets camera shy sometimes....

...other times, not so much.

It was good having the boys over. I haven't really gotten to hang out with Poolboy or The Fuzz so it was really great catching up a little!

The guys left and #2, her mom, and I decided to play some cards. As we were playing, it began to pour. #2's mother goes, "Y'all want to go play in the rain?" Haha! She's great!! So we did! Volts joined us, too. We wound up jumping in the pool which was a good work out. Had a "who can tread water the longest" contest. I tore it up, I'm not going to lie. Swimming is probably the only athletic thing I do well, actually. I LOVE to swim and I just LOVE having a pool!!

Anyways, the night continued when #2, Volts, Libbs, and I went to Lakeshore to talk and hang out. From there, we went to go check out a local bar. Music was ultra loud. We couldn't even converse with one another so we ditched and hit up Chimes. Much better! Lakeshore left us there while we headed to Mickey D's because #2 was running on empty and she needed some foods. A quick errand that turned into an hour endeavor due to some unfavorable service. Prompt service they say? Not quite. Haha! Anyways, we wound up swimming afterward again. The night wrapped up around 4 AM. So fun!

Mom and Brother came over today. Got sushi, groceries, and a coffeemaker!! Our kitchen gets better and better every week, people. I'll have you over for dinner sometime, deal?

Have you ever met my brother? No? Well let me introduce him to you.

He's sixteen and about to be a junior in high school. He's a freakerzoid, a goof, super annoying, and one of my best friends. He brings out the best and the worst in me. He's got a gift at pushing my buttons but he also teaches me innocence and genuine joy.

He and I have a lot of the same taste in music. I think he's singing Tony Bennett here.

I like him a lot :)

Had the apartment to myself most of el dia porque numero dos y su madre....uhh, lo siento...I mean sorry....I don't know where that came from.... I said #2 and her momma went to see a double feature! It was relaxing. I read, napped, did the dishes, and got some work done. When #2 got back, Libbs came over. We watched Chicago. I love Chicago. The movie, not the city. Though the city is awesome, too. Mr. Cellophane is my favorite song because I just really love Amos. Lil' ole Amos. *sigh*

Anyways, it was a great way to end the night! Right now #2 and I are preparing for some fiya confession tomorrow! Yay confession!

Goodnight, my hearts!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watcha gettin' outta livin'?

Today my car read that it was 103 degrees outside. Oh man. I can just smell the overproduction of melanin in the air. SPF, people. 30 or more....preferably more. Keep those melanocytes working like they're suppose to. Please and thank you!

I woke up to the blasting of a leaf blower right outside my window this morning. Way to start my day off wrong, Mr. Leaf Blower Man... Fall semester of last year I made a complete transformation from the meanest non-morning person you ever met to the brightest morning person you ever met. It's annoying. Good for me, bad for everyone around me. I've tried to stop this madness but I am just cheery in the morning. I can't help it. Well, this man woke me up in a very abrupt and disagreeable way. I was upset with Mr. Leaf Blower Man! I went to bed late last night. My own fault, I'm aware. But did he have to go and roar his leaf blower into my window?! No! He did not. So as I was leaving the apartment, I was keeping an eye out for this guy so I could really give him a death glare. You teach him a real lesson. That's really the only thing I'm capable of. The man WAS just doing his job. But still, I was on a mission. I turn the corner and there he is. An absolutely adorable little elderly man with his little itty bitty leaf blower being just the cutest thing you have ever seen. He turned it off to let me pass giving me a bashful little grin. My heart melted instantly and it wasn't because of the heat. I gave him a huge smile and an over enthusiastic wave as I turned on my beautiful purple iPod and started my journey to class. A wonderful morning, indeed.

Until, of course, I passed the Harleys. Like every morning, I went weak in the knees a little. But I should be thankful that the black bike wasn't there today. That's the one that usually makes me tear up a little.

I should just let you know I am desperately missing #1.

She is the suds in my bucket, the salt in my soup, the happy in my day. Come live with me now, #1. Stop being so selfish and get your butt over here!! *blushes* She's my roommate, that's all. I love her lots.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I can't take this torture anymore!! This torment, this agony, this....tribulation! Okay, you guys. I've been a silent sufferer long enough. I just can't do it anymore. Every single morning I wake up, get ready for class, and walk out towards campus always knowing the pain I'm about to endure. I pass Ceba on my way to Tureaud and there...right in my path....are......are......

....these guys.....

*wails, sniffs, slobber slobber* I want them. I want them so badly!! *sigh*

Okay. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic. And...maybe I've only had three days of class. But still! It's terrible misery. That's all.

On a lighter note, 210 got flowers today.

They were laid delicately on our doorstep by Poolboy himself. :) He's marvelous!

#2 and I were watching The Negotiator last night with Volts. A very intense movie. A mystery. All the lights were off in the apartment except for the one hall light. It was night. It was quiet. The movie had all of us really flustered and nervous. And then...


Someone beating on our door. #2 screeches and goes flying to her room. Volts was at the door faster than you could say "homanahow." I stayed contently in my chair. It was Lakeshore being a goof. He scared the tar out of #2. No lie. Truth is, I got a mysterious text from him a few minutes before this intrusion saying, "Hey are you at your apartment?" So I was sort of, kind of, maybe expecting it causing me to keep my cool.

Anywho, so now I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance with #2, her mother, and Libbs!

Happy Canada Day!