Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Glance at my Childhood

I was bored at my house one night and decided to pull out all the old pictures we have. I found the Kelly's Keepsakes box and just went to town. I wound up in pictures and memorabilia up to my neck. I looked through things for hours and decided to show you a bit of my early childhood, okay?

My mother and me in New York City. Here's a fun fact; I lived there on and off for the first two years of my life! I really love this picture. My mother looks so beautiful and so genuinely happy. It makes me adore her ten times more than I already do every time I look at this photo.

And here is just proof that I've been thuggin' from the very beginning. This is me on the streets of Manhattan.

You may say I'm just a little ballerina here, but to me, this is just a little girl wishing she had wings so she could be a true fairy.

Homegirl wants some wuffles, homegirl gonna get some wuffles.


Why, yes, I have been awkward all my life.

I like to think of this last picture as Female Warrior Kelly coming out at a young age. Protecting my brother. I mean, here's more proof that I've ALWAYS been fierce, you know? I live fierce, I will love fierce, and I am just a fierce person. Period.

Okay, that's enough. Hope you enjoyed. :)

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  1. These pictures are awesome! You were such an adorable little girl, no wonder you grew up to be so lovely! Thanks for sharing these with us. =)