Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 90; The Thrift Creeper

I've been wanting to go to this one thrift store in Baton Rouge for ages. And by ages, I mean a couple of months...

My beautiful and gracious friend, Elizabeth, said she'd come with me so we took a little adventure over there.

We browsed the clothes until I was fully satisfied and then headed to the back by the books and furniture.

We walked in to the garage-esque room, turned the corner, and came face-to-face with this...

Elizabeth whispered, "Um...We need to go now..."

I'm telling you, it was a scene straight out of a horror movie. Instead, I was expecting the Thrift Creeper -- not to be confused with the Crypt Keeper -- to jump out of the shadows and eliminate us right there or maybe for Samara, the girl from The Ring, to start crawling out of one of those televisions.

Ugh, either way... We weren't about to stick around to find out so we motored out of there immediately.

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