Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 80; Won't You be my Neighbor?

I have new neighbors. Two guys again. Except these guys are loud. Really loud. All the time.

They're starting a band, too. Did you know that? I would expect that you, of course, would not know that but they are so loud, you may have heard them from where you are. The guy whose bedroom is next to mine has an alarm clock that goes off 15 precious minutes before mine does. He never wakes up to it though.

I am fully capable of being the most patient person known to mankind if I absolutely need to be but these shenanigans have been driving me up the wall. Speaking of the wall...I've learned that banging on it wakes my neighbor right up when he doesn't turn off his alarm. We're best friends.

My neighbors are smokers, too. So they go sit outside in front of our apartments to talk and yell at each other at all hours of the night. It's the best.

Hilary and Ashley came over the other night and made friends with them.

Well...sort of...

They were standing outside singing The Time of My Life. However, they didn't know all of the words so they just kept singing the same two lines over and over again.

Hilary, Ashley, and I were so sick of hearing it that we instinctively all started singing the rest of it. Then the guys moved on to a new song. So Hilary finished that one for them, too.

They really liked that game so it went on for a little while. Hilary held her own and finished just about every song they threw at us.

Did I mention this all happened through our wall???

Since then, when the guys go out for a smoke, I can hear one of them singing parts of different songs. I'm pretty sure he's trying to get us to finish them again...

Hilary, you're requested for an encore. ;)

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  1. You are going to be flashed by these men. Just prepare for it now.