Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Viewer Discretion is Advised

So I said goodbye to my car yesterday.

It was unusually emotional. I cried like the big baby I am.

I can't really explain my reaction. The car had a lot of sentimental value, perhaps?

I would say so. It was a really big deal when my mom first gave it to me. Then, it's been my little trooper. I loved that car. That's all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What the fluff?

Went to Wally World with #1 yesterday. We were in the crafts section getting finishing touches for #2's birthday presents. (Yesterday, was her 20th birthday. I'll blog about that later.)

Anyways, in one of the aisles they had wedding decorations. Here is a cake top that I found...

What the fluff?

I would hope a man wouldn't marry a woman so controlling.
And I would hope a woman wouldn't marry a man that is about as firm as jello.

Something is wrong with this image. Fix it, people.

Was that too controlling?

Have a nice day ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

100 Things That Make Me Happy

There was a lot of internal battle on whether or not to put this up. I don't really know why. But who cares? So here ya go:

1. My Heavenly Father
2. My brother, Bob
3. My mom
4. My friends
5. My cats (Lucky & Smokey)
6. Sunsets
7. Michael Buble's voice
8. My bed
9. Love stories
10. Dark chocolate
11. Being girly with #2
12. Jazz Music
13. Writing this blog
14. Dancing
15. Inspirational quotes
16. Root beer floats
17. Singing
18. Flowers in girls' hair
19. Confession
20. Speeding
21. Bonfires
22. Swimming
23. Scented candles
24. Finding out class is cancelled
25. The Crucifix
26. Motorcycles
27. The breeze
28. Adoration
29. Laying in the grass
30. The stars!!
31. Adventures (big and small)
32. Hugs (I really LOVE hugs!)
33. The digestive system
34. Laughing
35. Perfume
36. Long showers
37. Roadtrips
38. Cuddling
39. Half baked anything (cake, cookies, brownies, etc.)
40. Being hyper
41. Tissues with Aloe or lotion in them
42. Number One
43. Central Park in NYC
44. The rain
45. Good lemonade
46. Inside jokes
47. The movie "Wild Hogs"
48. When my car is clean
49. Going for walks
50. Being surrounded by the people I love
51. Daydreaming
52. The word "unconditional"
53. Small towns
54. Fire engines and firefighters
55. Playing games
56. Parties
57. Finding out new things about people I love
58. My raincoat
59. #2's yellow umbrella
60. People watching
61. Buying gifts for people
62. Long, deep, fruitful conversations
63. Smiling strangers
64. Smiling at strangers
65. When men hold the door open for women
66. Mother Theresa
67. Learning from the people I love
68. Giving gifts to people
69. Being weird (aka myself)
70. The idea that God is romantic
71. Wearing dresses and skirts
72. Pecan pie
73. Riding in Charlotte
74. The love of my grandfather
75. Getting paid
76. The mountains
77. Sleepovers
78. Realizing my faults and having the chance to work on them
79. Heaven
80. Babies
81. Free stuff
82. Hollywood's voice
83. Waking up after a good night's sleep
84. Singing with Cray-Cray
85. Beasting tests
86. Facebook videos (giving and receiving)
87. My iPod
88. Butterflies in my belly
89. Daily Mass
90. Accents
91. Pink nail polish
92. The warmth of the sun (and the Son ;D)
93. Lotion
94. Chapstick
95. Talking to KW
96. Getting my hair washed at the salon
97. Conversations with strangers
98. Nasal-y voices
99. Piano instrumental music
100. Loving with all my heart

These are not the only things that make me happy. Only one hundred of them.

Like Deutsch, I encourage you to create your own list and maybe even share it, too!

With love,

Friday, September 25, 2009

PostSecrets of the Week

Call Me Crash

I got into a nice little fender bender today.

Isn't he a beauty?

His name was Corey the Corolla. I got him when I was a junior in high school. My mom bought him for me for my graduation. I killed him today. A woman ran a red light and I plowed right into her. We both walked away fine.

The wreck could have been so much worse. The couple I hit could have been hurt. It could have been my fault and cost my family even more money than I have already cost them this year. It really could have been so much worse.

Also, my most amazing friends in the world have been so strong and have held my head up for me. Deutsch, JaseFace, and Libbs were on their way to me the second I called. Libbs bought me an obnoxious amount of ice cream so I could eat my feelings. (haha!) Cray-Cray wrote me a wonderful note. KW was very comforting. #1 baked cookies and stayed up with me while I complained, cried, and ranted.

This day was terrible. The amount of love I experienced is incalcuable.

Thank you, my hearts. I couldn't get through any of this without you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


...I feel like He over-estimates me and what I can handle.

Is this a normal feeling? Is it okay that I just told you that?

Monday Afternoon

Hung out with Libbs and Cray-Cray a little Monday afternoon. It was a lot of fun!

When we met Libbs at 408, he was tying his tie for his big interview the next morning.

He was being taught how to tie his tie by a man named Craig from a YouTube video.

See Craig on the screen?

And you may ask why Cray-Cray is tying a tie. Well, she wanted to get in on the excitement so went and found herself a nice tie and took the lesson with Libbs. The endless support never ceases to amaze me.

Sorry Libbs is so blurry. He was not very good at staying still.

Doesn't he look snazzy though?!

And let's not forget our little Cray-Cray.


We went to the mall and found some ridiculous fashions that I feel people should never choose.

For example...

What is this?

My guess is that designers might think that Lady Gaga is a fashion genius? Maybe they decided that we all felt the same way?


We don't.

If you had a choice between wearing this hat in public or death.... shouldn't choose that hat. That's all I'm sayin'.

And then there is my long time foe...


I'm sorry, you guys. I am just not a fan. And this stuff was EVERYWHERE. Now not ALL plaid is revolting. There are, of course, a few exceptions. JaseFace has a green plaid shirt that I really love. And here and there, I've seen plaid that works. But pretty plaid is few and far between. I don't know what this little trend is right now, but I assure you that it is a phase. One that will pass soon and leave you with only guilt and regret when you look at pictures of yourselves in these awful pieces of clothing. I want to save you this remorse. Plaid is a mistake. You GOTTA believe me. You just gotta!

I mean, really. Please, look at that rack. Reminds me of vomit.

I hope your weeks are going beautifully.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ghost Ride That Whip!

So Sunday was pretty epic in itself because of all the rockin' priests who were hanging out at church. But later that night, we had our weekly tradition of Sundae Sunday at 411 which made the day that much greater! After eating this scrumptious treat, Libbs had the idea of working it off with a little ghost riding. Yeaaah, that's right, my friend. Ghost riding.

Oh. You don't know what ghost riding is? Well I'd be ever so happy to show you!

I know, right?

Unfortunately, for us, Libbs' car, Charlotte, didn't like going slow enough for us to keep up while it was left in drive. After kicking it into neutral, the car would slow to a stop making it difficult to ghost ride that whip.
Did this stop us?
Of course not, who do you think you're talking to?!
We pushed that baby around the whole flufflin' parking lot. What now?

We had a really great time and are excited about doing it again. (Hopefully, the weather will be cooler by then.)
We definitely worked off that ice cream, I'm tellin' ya!

Monday, September 21, 2009

You should have seen it!

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary Mass for our pastor at the Catholic Church on campus. Overall it was very nice. Father's homily was funny, touching, and everything in between.

What really hit me was all the priests that attended. I am going to guesstimate about 30-40 of them. They were magnificent! First of all, whenever there are a bunch of priests in one place I kind of freak out already. I couldn't really explain why if I wanted to. But to see all of these men of God standing together. All of these men who devoted their lives to the one who died for them. In Father's homily he said that he "fell hopelessly in love" with our Father. WOW!! Then, when all the priests were behind the alter during the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Communion Rites, I almost cried I was so overwhelmed. They all stood there arms up and over the Eucharist. All 30-40 of them. What struck me, I think, was that I was looking at the LOVE. Real love. REAL love. Like the love you and I dream about. Real, genuine, over the fence, World Series kind of love.

I pray that one day that's me. Whether it be a life dedicated to the Church, my family, or others.

I pray that one day that's you, too.

I wish that for you. You should have seen it.

O my God, it was beautiful.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

B O B at Home

(Came home this weekend. I figured it was about time to do an updated video of Bob while I could.)

ps - Sorry about the audio delay and my brother's bad manners. He's disgusting. I'm sorry. There is really no excuse for it.

A Visitor

210 had a little refugee stay last night.

Meet Eloise.

Hil-Bear found her on the side of the road sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

And I need to confess something... my heart is no more.
It has melted and I am left nothing but a mush-ball.

If Embassy allowed us to have pets...the deal would be done. But, alas, we cannot keep her.


I need a minute...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Actually, On a Quick Note

Remember that boy I told you about? The one with that chair in that hall that day? The guy who inadvertently made my week that week?

Well guess what!

He was on the opposing soccer team we played last night!! It was crazy. I didn't know if he would remember me or if our little exchange impacted him like it did me so I stayed clear.

I don't know. Small world.

This is Tired Kelly speaking.

B O B Again

(I haven't really had a chance to blog so this is the best I can do for now. Who doesn't like a good Bob clip?)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


(Only because this is a rare shot of Bobby with hair, and because he's completely ridiculous.)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Can I just tell you a quick story? Okay, thank you so much.

So just now, just a second ago, I sang a line of a song that popped in my head.

"I was born to make you happy!!"

As soon as I sang it--I mean, I don't even think I was finished the line--#1 screamed at me, "FAILURE!" Simultaneously, #2 yelled, "I HATE that song!!!"

...I mean...I was just singing a song. I didn't even write the fluffin' song, for Pete's sake!!!

"I have never been so rejected," I admitted.

You wanna know what they did?

They gave each other an air five...

I have two roommates for sale. Actually, they are free. I'll give them to you for free. Just say the word. Pleaseeee just say the word!

PostSecrets of the Week

Rain, Rain, Geaux Away

I prayed for rain for the LSU game this past Friday. It poured.

God and I are tight. You don't even know.

Hah! And they say it never rains in Death Valley...

As the rain was coming down hard, I heard a friend yell out, "Chance of rain in Death Valley? NEVER!!"

..poor guy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Saturday night I had a bunch of people over for the football game.

Relationships, pursuing women, and the opposite sex became the main topics of conversation at one point after Lakeshore developed an open attraction to a girl who works with Hil-Bear at Coldstone.

One thing led to another. I don't remember how it happened but eventually each guy was taking turns drawing out formulas or graphs depicting relationship-esque explanations.


(It would take too much energy to write out the explanation for this. I think you could probably figure it out on your own!)


(The mathematical equation proving women are evil.)


(The apple of Lakeshore's eye. ;D )

And mine. The most logical. The truest equation of all.

Psh... and they claim women are the complicated ones.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The War Continues

I was locked out of my apartment tonight...on purpose.

No respect, ya heard?

I set off the alarm a thousand times like a jackal. Teach dem guhls a lesson.

I don't believe it worked.

PostSecrets of the Week

I miss work?

Since when?

I miss the people, really. I miss my bosses, my coworkers, and THE FOOD!

On one of the last nights I worked, Gregarious was working in the kitchen. After setting up a tray of fried, fatty goodness, he called me over. "Kelly, come see what I made for you," he said.

Sweet, right?

I felt so loved! I squealed and giggled. What a sweetheart, I thought. He smiled a winner's smile.

Then Bridal Girl walked in. I was just about to show her Gregarious' little piece of artwork for me when he called out to her. "Come see what I made for you," he yelled. She squealed and giggled. "That's sweet," she smiled. He smiled a winner's smile. She walked off. Then Jazzy walked in. "Come see what I made for you!" "Awwwwwww!" He smiled a winner's smile.


Food Food Food

Boy! I have just been so neglectful, haven't I?

My computer charger broke so my computer access is very limited right now.

Life has been full of little adventures lately!

Deutsch and I made a pecan pie the other night.


I bet you just slobbered all over yourself. Normally, I would look at you with a distorted face of disgust but in this case, I completely understand. Pecan Pie is God's gift to us. Sure sure, he created the Earth, the sunsets, music, etc. But Pecan Pie...well, he's still smiling about that one. If Heaven had a flavor, it would taste like Pecan Pie.

But then there is The Pioneer Woman's Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce. That is just really another world of goodness. Though I didn't get a picture of the actual thing, this is what was left....

Yes. Nothing.
I can still smell it.
*slobbers* DARN IT!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Meet Dill Pickle. He is such a rascal.

He is one of the four children KW and I watch during the week, and I wanted to introduce you to him because I'm sure there will be some fun stories of our adventures together in the future.

Say "hi", Dill!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hear All About It!!

I'm moving out. I can't live here anymore. The abuse, the violence, the betrayal. It's all too much. My heart can't take the torture. I am sore everywhere and it can only go downhill from here.

210 isn't my safe haven anymore. Church is the only place I feel safe.

#1 and #2 group up on me. #1 inflicts mental torture, and I'm physically abused by #2. I'm the victim here. I called my mom but she told me to put my big boy pants on and suck it up... I don't have big boy pants...I'm a girl. Tarter sauce!!

I've had people come over and save me a couple of times. My VBF, Libbs, Lakeshore and Voltz have all come to my rescue at some point or another. But enough is enough.

If I never stand up to fight back, when will it stop?!

My best guesstimation is...uh, NEVER.

Wish me luck, everyone.

ps - Anyone have football pads? Maybe a helmet?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009