Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MC 2000

So today was the first day of learning material in my mass comm class.

The verdict? I LOVE IT!! I love what I'm learning. I came back to the apartment and studied more! I have this thirst to know more now which I never had for Biology. I didn't know what I was getting into. I changed majors with a slight interest in media but not fully understanding where this would take me. I couldn't be happier with my choice. I can't wait for what's in store. This is going to be great!

I've actually been super excited about all things pertaining to my future lately. School, spiritual life, working, roommates, social life. All of it! I feel really ready for whatever God throws at me at this point. The good and bad.

Deutsch came in to visit. He and Libbs came to hang out and we got iced coffee from McCafe which is a hit or miss kind of deal. We missed. No worries. Brought #2 to her ballet class. She's so cute. She loves it!! It's way too hot right now for her to be walking all the way across campus to her class so I will be dropping her off and picking her up from it. We're actually doing homework together right now. Well, she's doing homework, I'm just looking over my notes from today.

So to sum this all up, I'm amped about....well, everything!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Have any of you ever seen Yes, Man?
It's a bit sketchy in some aspects but overall I really loved the message.
Why not say yes a little more? You'll rarely find someone who regrets really living. They'll say, "If only I had done this..." I don't know about you, but I never want to ask myself "what if...?"

I have just been thinking that I'd like to be more spontaneous. Careful, always. But every now and then do something fun, exhilarating, and completely out of character. Keep things interesting. Lose a little of my predictability. I've noticed that I have a couple of friends who have been challenging me. Asking me, "Why not?" Pushing me out of my comfort zone. I love that. I NEED that. I wouldn't say I'm not living life to the fullest. I feel like I could just do more, you know?

Just something to think about.

Time for TCB

Missing #1 already. She went back to her house.

Worked again yesterday. A pretty brutal party but nothing too terrible.

Chef chopped up some apples and laid out some dulce de leche.

I hung out with Maui a little.

He is so awesome. He's a 40-something year old man from Hawaii whose probably in better shape than most young men my age. We went to a Michael Buble concert together a year ago, had cocktails at the Omni Hotel, went out for Halloween together. The works.

After work I drove straight back home to the apartment to be with #2 and get ready for school!

I miss my Lucky Ducky!

Had class this morning. I was in there for about 15 minutes while she explained the syllabus and then she dismissed us. Nice!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A whole lotta wedding songs stuck in my head!

Worked tonight.
I walk in and immediately walk back to the kitchen to say hi to Chef and Maui like I always do. Chef tells me they're expecting 350 guests tonight. Poo. An average party is 200-250. So I go start working, getting ready for the guests. Preparing the floor, the food, my co-workers. Then I start feeling weak. Like all of a sudden all energy and strength was just sucked right out of me. So at this point, I start going through in my head everything I ate today, how much sleep I got, if I was working too hard now. Nothing really fit. I couldn't figure out a reason why I was having an episode. Then it hits me. Genius over here forgot to take her blood pressure medicine this morning. Well no wonder, Kelly? All the usual symptoms start up. "You will not pass out at work," I keep telling myself. Haha! Trying that whole mind over matter thing....fail. I decide that I can just work through it. No need in getting my mom to drive all the way over when I can just fight it, right? So I go pass a tray of soft shelled crabs. Walking up the stairs. Heart slows. I can feel the color drain from my face. Everything turns white. Bad idea. So I call my mom. I can hear the nervousness in her voice. (Sorry, mother dearest.) So she and brother come to my rescue with my medicine. Within 30 minutes of taking it I was like a new person. Full of energy, singing, color back in my face. Ready to go! The crowd was really nice. This man who I came to adore by the end of the night wound up shooting me a little tip which was great!

Chef, whose come to be a real buddy is really cool to work with.

(You should know that in this picture, he's actually talking to his best friend about getting into a bar fight later that night. A bit rough around the edges, I know. Haha, but he's the best!)

He teaches me cooking things, makes random treats for me, tells me these ridiculous stories just to make me laugh or watch my jaw drop! Also, I goofed off a little with my


and Privateer

who were dishwashing in the back.

A lot of the guys ragged on me which was humorous, awkward, and embarrassing all rolled into one. At the end of the night, we felt like we did a hell of a job. Which we definitely did.

Great job, team.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I can cook.

First priority, fix sleep schedule.
Woke up at 10:30 this morning to do just that.

Threw the chicken on the George Foreman.




According to both #1 & #2, I cooked it just right!
#1 said that it had awesome flavor (I marinated it in Italian Dressing overnight :D) and it was perfectly moist!

Ew....I don't like that word....moist....!

So thank you so much, Libbs!!

Right now I'm steaming some veggies to go with the chicken.
Note to self: Cleaning the George Foreman is a pain in the anus.

Well I'm off to see Transformers 2!

Friday, June 26, 2009

All that Jazz

Let me set the scene for you.
I have the apartment to myself. My favorite vanilla candle is lit. Grease 2 is playing in the background. I have a bowl of some really good red grapes sitting next to me. And I'm just relaxing on our big comfy brown sofa that I love oh so much. Ahhhhhh....this is good.

Took #2 to a dance supply store today so she could get some clothes for her ballet class.

Her and her brand new ballet shoes :) Doesn't she look so happy?!
She actually just walked in!

Took a Wal-Mart trip. Hil-Bear and Libbs came.
They both moved in town this week!! I'm so excited!
It's so good to have more friends here to hang out with!
Libbs is broadening my cooking horizons. I'm actually marinating some chicken as we speak thanks to his excellent guidance. More experiments to come, I assure you.

Tonight I went to see a Jazz concert called Hot Summer Nights and Cool Jazz with Libbs, Happy Feet, Lord Router, & Annette Funicello. Would you like to know how it was? Hmm...what's the best way to describe it? Sensational, spectacular, phenomenal, amazing, fantastic!! Yeah, I'd say that's about right. Jazz is a feeling. And trust me on this, you could feel it tonight. All improvisation!! It all comes out of how they feel at that specific moment.

(Taken with cellphone. So excuse the lack of quality.)

I'm just in awe. But wait, there's more. A vocalist named Germaine Basil comes out. She was just breathtaking! An older jazz vocalist who can skat like no body's business! Skatting is my favorite. My absolute favorite!

Good times :) Twas a wonderful night, kids. I hope all of you had a great Friday, as well!

A Letter to Southgate

So I have this friend.
And, yes, no matter what I will still call her friend.

You see being friends with me is kind of a long term deal.
I don't let go easily. So you're stuck with me.
I digress.

So this friend. She is hurt. She is broken. She is beautiful. She is battling some things right now. Things she thinks no one understands. Things she'd be surprised how much I really do understand. I'm not going to sit here and psychoanalyze her. She doesn't need that and I think anyone who really knows her knows her story, as well. So she's been in a rut lately. A very deep rut. A rut I've only ever been in once. Once was enough. I prayed to God no one would ever have to make it that far down. But here she is. And it kills me because I know. I know that the only person who can get her out of there is herself. No friend, no family, no man. Just herself and the strength of her Lord and Savior. So where does that leave all of us? Waiting, worrying, consoling. She could lean on us if she wanted. But she doesn't. When I was hurt, I pushed everyone away. Every person who tried to help me. They were just being good friends. They did nothing wrong. My point is that I can't be angry at my friend for doing this. No, I'm not going to sit here and say it's okay. Because it's not. I have come to learn that you are nothing without your support network. When you push these people away, what do you have? I'm just saying that because I was there once, I know what's going through her head. She says we're making things worse for her. She says she knows it's not our intentions but we are. We have been trying to help. Getting her out and around people. The truth is she'll be the only one who decides when she wants to be happy again. And yes, trust me, it is THAT easy.

If everyone would join me, I would like to request prayers for her.
She should know that we will not stop loving her, caring for her, or worrying about her.
We are her friends. We want to see her smile a genuine smile again.
Until then, all we can do is give her name to her Father.

Amen? Amen.


So yes, I've moved to blogspot.
LiveJournal was becoming more like a boom town anyway.

So let me give a little intro to start this off right.
I'm Kelly. hiiiii :)
A redhead. Good ole hotblooded redhead.
I prefer passionate over hotblooded, really.
Blogging is a vice of mine.
Whenever I'm bored, I write.
Warning: I blog a lot.
I'm a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Journalism.
Long term goal; Prosecutor.
I live in a quaint little apartment (I call it two-ten) with two beautiful roommates.
Roommate #1, we say, is the brains of this operation.
Roommate #2 is the heartbeat.
And I'm roommate #3!
Together we're a dream team, ya dig?


Welcome to this little world of mine!