Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 92; Reba!!

I love Reba.


I need to know Reba. Become best friends with Reba. Learn her ways and how I can basically make myself a carbon copy of Reba.

While I was sick over the weekend and trapped in that mountain of tissues I was telling you about, I watched a lot of TV. Something I pretty much never do is watch television. Two sitcoms I discovered while I was barricaded in the apartment were the shows How I Met Your Mother and Reba (her sitcom.)

Let me tell you something, people. I have never in my life laughed as hard for any show as I did for Reba. It is hysterical!! I was practically in tears and out of breath after the string of episodes ended. Perhaps that could be because I was hopped up on nasal decongestants but I'm not sure that that's entirely it.

Reba rocks. Done.


  1. I AM SO HOOKED ON HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. It is an addiction. It is legen - wait for it -dary.

  2. Reba is amazing! I love her so much!