Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 74; Rummikub Queen

Do any of you know what Rummikub is? No? Yes, most people don't.

Well, it's a game played almost the exact same way as Rummy except with tiles instead of cards. It has also been my obsession for the past two weeks.

You see, I've been very, very bored here in Baton Rouge. Extremely bored. It got to the point where I was searching for anything and everything to do to with my time. Cleaning, reading, watching mindless television (something I rarely do), go for walks, and whatever else. As long as it didn't cost gas or money. One thing I've been doing a lot of? Playing games on my computer. Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, Hearts, Snake, Tetris, etc. That's when I found a link to play online Rummikub where you play with real people from all over the world. I remembered the game from when we used to play with my grandmaw whenever we would go visit her during the Summer and holidays. I used to really love it.

So I dabbled.

I was a little rusty at first but then I got better...and better...and better. I was playing game after game after game and rising on the charts. I became the Rummikub Queen. I had minions, jesters, servants, and loyal followers. They were even building a palace for me...

Okay, so maybe not but I did get kind of good. Skillful in the art of Rummikub, if you will. I started winning game after game and so people stopped playing with me. They'd come to the table I was at, play one or two games and then leave...

Here's a nice little screen shot as proof of how no one wants to play with me anymore. You see? There I am...all alone. Why? Because I dominate all who challenge me.

Kelly the Untouchable.

But I keep playing anyway. And I will continue to conquer the people of And I will be their queen. And they will follow me.

And I will rule! MWAHAHAAA!

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