Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 101; Inbox Very, Very Full

Before the LCCS Conference this past weekend, my inbox got ridiculous.

My e-mails are sent to my Blackberry and if I walked away from that phone for even just 5 minutes, I'd come back to 6-8 e-mails all concerning LCCS.

LCCS is Louisiana Catholic College Students. An organization that networks college students from Catholic Student Centers on campuses all over the state. It's pretty cool, and I'm on the executive board for it. Each year, the organization puts on a student-run conference. It's a weekend long with a lot of high name speakers and other fun things.

I was an MC for it with my pal, Randall. (That'll be in another post to come.) I also was in charge of putting the conference program booklet together among other things.

So here's a look at my inbox last week...

It got severely worse after that, too.

Everyone put a lot of hard work into this conference and I will tell you all about it in future posts! So keep an eye out!

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