Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 97; Rumbly in the Tumbly


I still exist. I haven't forgotten about you! It's started....and...I'm busy all of a sudden....

Gosh...I feel awkward....

So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to post 5 posts a day until I'm completely caught up. Then I'll change the profile to showing just 3 posts at a time again. This way, I can actually catch up in a reasonable amount of time after the damage I just did.

So here goes nothin'!

My stomach has always made noises. Not just a mild growl when I'm hungry every now and then. No. My stomach ROARS when it's hungry...AND when it's digesting...AND when it doesn't like something...

My tummy is grinding and screaming at all times.

So when I'm in a quiet lecture or discussion class, things get kind of awkward for everyone around me.

There I am, just sitting in class with my stomach rumbling like it's going out of style. Everyone is looking at me. Some  students smile and turn back around. Others start to fidget. Everyone gets a little uncomfortable because they have to ignore something that is extremely loud and painfully noticeable.

So I started bring snacks to every class. Junk food snacks...but snacks nonetheless. Typically, this doesn't work for me because, like I said, my stomach still grumbles when it's digesting. However, the digesting sound is slightly more mellow than the hungry growling. So I just settle for it...

Friends always give me weird looks when I explain to them that I'm not hungry, and that my stomach always makes noises.

Oh, Kelly, are you hungry?
Oh, no. I ate a few minutes ago. My stomach just always makes weird noises.
*Gives blank look and walks away.*

I'm a freak, people. So sue me!

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