Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Nicholas Sparks,

Please stop writing pretty things to me.

Love, Kelly

"I had always imagined the words would be hard to say, but they weren't. In all my life, I'd never been as sure of anything, and as much as I hoped to one day hear Savannah say these words to me, what mattered most was knowing that love was mine to give, without strings or expectations."
-From Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Typically, I can read an ol' Nicholas Sparks book and maintain the thought process that the book is just a story and, in many cases, can get a bit ridiculous. Nicholas Sparks is a hopeless romantic and it shows in his work.

And though I don't really care for the love story in this one, that line was just absolutely beautiful!

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  1. I blubber every time I read one of his books. I'm a hopeless romantic too :]