Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 123; Breaching the Border

Last Tuesday a few friends and I went through Mississippi to get to Vidalia, Louisiana to be with Elizabeth.

Upon approaching the Mississippi state line, this is what we were welcomed with...

What you don't see is the welcome sign to the right reading, "Welcome to Mississippi. It's like coming home."

Christina, Therese, and I were a little nervous. I'm not going to lie, it was incredibly eerie how the fog started so suddenly and RIGHT on the state line.

I was ready for the Zombies of Mississippi to come out and start attacking our car so they could eat our brains...
Maybe I've been watching the guys play too much Left 4 Dead. Maybe I'm just a realist.

I was mentally preparing myself for zombies or ogres though... One can never be too careful. You may call me crazy, but we'll see who's crazy when you get your head bitten off and I slay 67 ogres and 14 zombies in 12 minutes flat. We'll see who's crazy then...

We lived to see the Louisiana state line again where the fog promptly cleared up.


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  1. It was truly a perturbing experience. *serious expression here*