Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 110; Dunk-A-Roos

Anyone remember these little treats?

Yes. That's right.

THOSE little treats.

Dunk-A-Roos and I go waaay back. Back to the days of kickball, after care, and Archdiocese of New Orleans lunches. I remember always feeling a little bit jealous of the kids who had these in their lunch boxes.

The other day I decided that I needed Dunk-A-Roos. NEEDED. As in, if I didn't have these little cookies soon, life as I knew it would end. And that would be it for me. Dunzo.

So I did what anyone does when they need to know where one can find Dunk-A-Roos. I asked the good people on Facebook.

Literally, within 10 minutes I was on my way to the nearest Dollar General--exactly 4.4 miles away from my apartment--to get me some of this childhood goodness.

I bought two boxes and my life didn't end.

And then I lived happily ever after...

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