Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 106; Rules and Morals

At the conference that I've been posting about, we had Cory Hayes speak for one of the workshops.

Because I don't have a picture of Cory speaking, here's my bio and head shot from the program just for kicks and giggles...
[A promising candidate, eh? I was born for politics.]
Anyway, so Cory Hayes is a Theologian from Covington and a really awesome speaker.

His talk was entitled, "Christianity and the Good Life: Making Moral Decisions when Rules are Not Helpful." Now, I had heard this talk twice before but even on the third go-round, I still got a lot of new things out of it.

One point that Cory made specifically though is the one I would like to talk about here.

Toward the end of his workshop, he said, "If you get nothing out of this talk today, please hear this. If you are worried about whether or not you should do a certain thing, think to yourself. If you do this, what kind of person will that make you?"

Simple enough, right?

I've had a lot of questions lately for myself as to what is right when it comes to good ethics and morals. Should I share and send my music with my buds? Is going 10 miles over the speed limit really so wrong? When I'm talking about someone and gossiping, who is that really hurting if the subjects of that gossip will probably never find out? Other small things like that, other bigger things, too.

Knowing that those decisions are wrong and could very well negatively affect someone else one way or the other and still doing them is not okay. And if I continue to do the things I know are wrong, what kind of person does that make me?

Certainly not a lady. Certainly not a woman trying--and naturally failing--to emulate the Mother of God. Certainly not a daughter of the King.

Sets things in a new perspective for me. I shall continue to mull this over. :)

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