Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I <3 B O B

Talked to my brother via texting today. It was quite an interesting conversation. See for yourselves.

ME: I heard you've been rocking in school and just life in general lately :)
BOB: Yeah u worship the ground I walk on
ME: Really? Are we going there?
BOB: Wat? Its true im all of what u wanna be in life.....amazing
ME: I will roundhouse kick you through this phone, boob. (I call him "boob" sometimes because he doesn't like it. I mean, why would he? It's a terrible nickname.)
BOB: Wat? I make chuck norris look like a little girl licking a lollipop so there!!!
ME: ...We aren't related
BOB: I know im from the tribe slap-yo-momma (Stupid inside joke that I will never explain to you as long as I live.)
ME: ...So how is everything? Are you happy?
BOB: Yeah almost......too happy (Another inside joke... Some of you may get it)
ME: Is there a serious bone in your body?
BOB: Yeah it is in my left big toe
ME: ...You're ridiculous
BOB: No but seriously im on a mission to make life for myself but with HIS (GOD) help
ME: :) that is so great, man! You're already a step ahead of sooo many people your age!
BOB: Yeah but they don't have the same people in their lives that I have in mine

There was more but I'll leave it at that. I just about started crying in my economics class.

This guy is so awesome. I wish everyone could meet him. He has always been and always will be the light of my heart. He's growing into such a man and warrior of Christ, I just don't even know what to do with myself. Bob will do great things.

I wuv my bruhver.

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