Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is Hollywood.

She is one of the most internally and externally beautiful women I have ever met. There has been many times where just looking at her or giving her a hug has brought me to tears simply because she's THAT lovely. Literally, I'll see her, walk up, give her a hug, and start crying. Then she starts crying. That may seem strange to you but, to me, it makes complete sense.

I've always been aware of how wonderful Hollywood is. You can see her just working to emulate our Mother Mary in everything she does. But Hollywood's beauty really hit me over the summer when she came and visited 210 one night. We were all laughing and gossiping about everything happening with people we knew on and off campus. Hollywood would see the conversation taking a negative turn and put it back on track. She single-handedly steered all of us clear from saying hateful words. She was protecting us from temptation because she loved us.

That may even seem insignificant or trivial to you. But, to me, the one night changed so much. Ever since that one, "insignificant" night, I've been working my tush off to be aware of what I say and what my friends say about others. Granted, I fail....a lot. But as long as we keep on trying, right? We're human, guys :)

But Hollywood's beauty and grace was just so bright that it radiated from her heart. I remember praying that my heart could shine the same way one day.

This beautiful girl is just genuinely GOOD.

Oh snap...I might start crying. ;)

Oh! And have I mentioned her voice is the most glorious thing I have ever heard?

...because it is.

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