Monday, October 12, 2009

Fair Season Does Things To Me

So it's fair season at home. All the Catholic grammar schools are having their annual school fall festivals every weekend for the next two months or so. It's pretty huge. They have awesome local bands come out, tons of food, rides that'll make you sick, and plenty games to waste your money on. This season, even during high school, always makes me nostalgic.

Childhood memories from when I when I was younger come surfacing up around this time. It's probably because the fair was a BIG deal to me when I was a kid. It meant an entire weekend of fun with friends. It meant running around like a crazy person, shooting silly string and invisible ink at each other, and blowing all my mom's money on french fries and ride tickets. It was my favorite weekend ever.

So now I'm thinking of all kinds of childhood memories. Let me tell you what kind of girl I was. While most of the girls were planning and throwing pretend weddings--kids got married ALL the time at my grammar school--during recess, I was on an adventure with the boys. That was me. A rascal. Running from bad guys, hunting for things that didn't exist, and exploring the "wilderness" were all much more fun to me than sitting around reciting some stupid vows with some stupid boy. :) Most of my memories of aftercare are of me in the dirt somewhere in the field or seeing how high I could climb the outside of the playground.

I'm really happy to say that that part of me hasn't died. That isn't how I used to be. It's how I still am today. Yes, I've reclaimed my femininity (haha!), but that doesn't mean any sense of adventure is lost. I'm still itching for explorations and I'm pretty sure I always will. Even when I'm 86 with a hip replacement. Even then.

PS - My grammar school had the best fair around. No doubt. (Shortayyy...)


  1. omg, I miss the fairs. It was sooo much fun running around - water pistols filled with invisible ink, silly string, the gravitron, and tooooooons of crawfish - ugh, to be young again, eh?

  2. Battles with or against the boys are the best! I was totally in that boat too! The cry of the warrior was too tempting for me to ignore. ^_^ You are the best, KK!