Friday, October 23, 2009


This is Goof.

He is just accepting that I named him Goof. It was a struggle at first.

Goof and I go way back. I met him when I was 15, I think. I was a freshman, he was a junior. We hung out in the same circle for the most part and became good friends. After a while, Goof went off to college and we kind of went our separate ways. But then, two years ago, I started working at that reception hall at home. Goof had been working there a while before me. Anyway, long story short, we were reunited. Ka-chow!

Goof is a real rascal. Going around work causing havoc and mayhem but always getting the job done. He's got this knack for doing an excellent job where ever he is stationed but still being able to have a good time with it.

This guy has been through a lot in the past two years. But he continues to stand up and keep moving forward no matter how hard it is. Actually, he makes it look quite effortless. Goof's a strong guy and he deserves the very best life has to offer.

His momma sure did raise him right! Goof has always been a real gentleman. My favorite is when he excuses himself for cursing in front of women. It's guys like him that give me hope for this generation and even for future generations because you can bet your life that Goof will be teaching his boys the same manners.

Anyway, the point is that we, as ladies, can recognize a gentleman. And even if we don't always show it, we notice those small things that make a difference. The small things are SO important. When some random guy goes out of his way to hold the door for a girl....that just makes my day. That one gesture probably made that girl's day, too! There have been so many instances where my girl friends will come to me all bouncy and smiley simply because some man held the door open for them, or picked up their book when they dropped it, or gave them a compliment.

Goof is THAT guy. Making people's days just for being a good man. He's got a lot ahead of him and I'm so thankful and blessed to be able to call him my friend.

PS - Goof, you owe me your amazing-ain't-no-other-turkey-sandwich-better-than-this turkey sandwich... Make it happen.

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