Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is #1.

She's my roommate and has been for a little over a year now. You know what this means, right? This means that she knows almost EVERYTHING there is to know about me. She might even know things about me that I don't even know. She knows every bad habit and really everything else I rather the world not know about. She knows every flaw. And you wanna know somethin'? She still loves me.

That's really saying something because, trust me, I'm not an easy person to be around all the time. I know that. I can be a real hooligan sometimes. She puts up with me though.

Anyways, #1 is probably the most giving person I've ever met in my entire life. Actually, I take that back. She IS the most giving person I've ever met in my entire life. Whether it be her stuff or her self in the form of some service, she just gives it all to everyone who needs it.

At every single obstacle I've hit since the day we moved in together, #1 has been there. All the little stupid things that shouldn't have bothered me but I worried about. All the big things that made me want to really just throw in the towel. #1 was there with a kind of patience I've never witnessed before. Her friend was going through something and whether it was big or small it meant something to that friend so it meant something to her.

THAT is the kind of person #1 is. She is THE most selfless person I've ever had the honor of knowing. I can truly and honestly say that.

Sometimes, I fear that those who know her have gotten so used to this trait of hers that it becomes expected. I've seen that. I've DONE that!! We forget though that #1 is a rare gift in herself. Her heart is one that is completely free to all of her friends and those friends sometimes forget that...

She still loves us though. No matter what, we are forgiven. She and I got in a little tiffy a week or two ago. Btw, when I get angry...I say things before I think. Things I don't mean. And that happened with her. And it wasn't okay. But you know what she said to me after? She said, "You're still my sister and I love you."


#1 is the person who single-handedly brought me back to Church where I fell in love with Christ again. She is why I am where I am; in a love affair with my Savior. I very firmly believe that God put me in her room for that specific reason. So that she may be an instrument of His to call me back. Oh man..haha, that's a whole another story in itself.

The point is, living with her, getting to know her, and watching her grow has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. #1 has changed my entire life for the better and that is no exaggeration.

*sighs* Honestly, I could go on for days...but I'll leave it here. I think you get the point.

She is just outta this world crazy awesome and I don't deserve her for a second.


  1. Dude. Your sweet new layout looks like Easter! Totally adorable.

    That part where you said that #1 brings you back to Christ, etc.? Yeah, I feel like that's all you guys at CtK. God definitely sent me on that Disney trip for a reason. And I'm so grateful!

  2. Ahhh! Thanks so much, Susie!! That means so much! I am so blessed to have met you :)