Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is Cray-Cray.

Isn't she pretty?

We all call her Lil-E. Before we dubbed that her name, though, I had already been calling her Cray-Cray on here so that's what she'll stay.

I call her Cray-Cray for two reasons. The first is that she uses that word for crazy people/things. "Oh, he is gettin' a little cray-cray." Something like that. And I thought it was cool and unusual so I used it. The second reason is that Cray-Cray herself is a crazy and silly girl!
Whenever I want to do something completely off the wall or just plain goofy, I can always count that this little lady will be right next to me doing the same thing. If I just want to go outside and dance, she'd not only encourage it, but she'd come right out there with me and do the same. I'm telling you, she's so spectacular!

Cray-Cray has taught me a little of what beauty is. That it's more than just putting your prettiest clothes on or being sweet and kind. That beauty is being REAL with yourself and everyone around you. That the people who genuinely love you, will love all the bad and the good about you. She has taught me that being beautiful means being me.

She has taught me a lot about living, too. That when necessary, it's good to be serious, but if you let the little things constantly get to you,'ll just go plum crazy! The bad kind of crazy, not cray-cray (which, of course, is the good kind of crazy). She has taught me that I should get up and dance if I want to, and that the actual question to most of life's decisions is usually, "Why not?"

Cray-Cray's love for all the little things reminds me of what I have. That the air I breathe and sky above me and the music I hear and the love I feel and all of it are all gifts from our Father in Heaven. I'm a better person for having met her and it is truly and honor to call her my friend.

Cray-Cray came here knowing no one and almost instantly became a part of our family. I think it's safe to say that she has won all of our hearts.

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