Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy Bakin'

I'm taking a little break from the features right now. I want to make sure my heart is fully in every post I write about these great people. No worries, though! I still plan on finishing my list.

So #2 bought an Easy Bake oven the other night. It was 1-ish in the morning. I had just gotten home. I was upset about something so I was ranting like a two year old. #1 and #2 were listening like always. They concluded that I needed cookie dough because it solves most problems. I'm not even going to does.

#2 was really deprived as a child. She never had an Easy Bake oven of her own. I don't even think she ever played with one!! Can you believe that?! I almost hopped in her car (I don't have a car) and drove my tush to Texas to find her mom and pops and demand to know why they hadn't gotten her one....Then I realized this was a completely irrational thought.

While in Wally World, she whispered to me, "I really want to get an Easy Bake oven..." Last time she told #1 and a few others about this desire, they were really confused as to why she would spend money on an Easy Bake Oven when we have a real oven. So we decided to make it a top secret mission to get this oven and get it to the cashier before #1 could catch on and talk #2 out of the buy. Did I ever tell you #1 is the brains of our apartment? Maybe not the brains, per say. She's intelligent, sure, but so are #2 and I. #1's the roommate who is ready to bring us back to planet Earth when we start getting all wrapped up in these crazy ideas we come up with. She's the mother-esque roommate, I guess.

We made a bee-line all the way to the toy section. Btw, why the heck are the Easy Bake ovens in the toy section? I mean, what on Earth?! It is an OVEN. It should obviously go in the aisle with the cooking supplies. Duh...

So we grabbed the oven and sneaked our way to the front of the store. The toy section is so inconvenient for top secret missions. It's in the way back left hand corner close to east Egypt so in order to get to the front, one has to travel eleventy billion feet across the entire supercenter.

It was hard...actually...that's a lie. #1 was on the complete opposite side of the store so she was no where to be seen when we were "sneaking." We literally just walked right out in the open to the check-out lines.

We made it to the only two registers open. That would be two registers out of like...134. (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.) #2 got in one line, I got in the other. Then #1 comes strolling up and naturally gets in #2's line because "nothing is ever easy."

We did our best hiding the darn thing behind us all the way back to the apartment but #1 isn't an idiot...

Upon opening up the oven and setting everything up, we found out that that jackal of a toy doesn't come with a light bulb! It requires an 100 watt bulb. #2 found a 13 watt. Sure, it'd take a little longer, but it would do!

Ultimately, we decided to just eat the cookie dough and save the Betty Crocker antics for another day.

Anti-Climatic, I'm aware.

So, this is the Easy Bake Oven I had.

And this is what the new Easy Bake Oven looks like.

#2's is blue instead of pink though. I like blue better.

Now, I'm not sure why, but it REALLY bothers me that the old oven's time says 12:30 and the new oven says 12:31. I have no idea why this gets me but I really can't handle it. What are the manufacturers trying to say? That the new ovens are better? And why does changing the time from 12:30 to 12:31 indicate that it's better? Or maybe they just felt like changing the time? But why? Why 12:31? Why not 10:00? Or 6:30? Why 12:31?

I may not sleep tonight...