Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 55; Crunk during Finals

Look, I turned 21 during Finals Week. Yes, it was a big deal, but there was no way on Earth I was gonna go drinking in the middle of taking these tests...

But when people saw this bottle sitting next to my laptop as I was studying throughout the week, they talked...

First of all, if you read under the words "Coffee Creamer," you'll see some clarification.


It's small though. Way smaller than BAILEYS', that's for sure. So I had people walking up to me and saying, "Dang, Kelly. I know you just turned 21 but, I mean, it is Finals Week.."


Would someone give me the benefit of the doubt please?! Clearly, I am not going to go get schwasted smack dab in the middle of such an important week.

This would be really classy. Me standing up in the middle of one of my tests screaming, "Interpretation of aesthetic texts??! MORE LIKE I'M PLASTERED AND I WANT TO PARRRRRTAYYYYYYY!!!! WOOOO!"

And then I would barf on my final...Classy.

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