Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 48; Doggy dogs

This is probably the most inconvenient time in my life to get a dog. I live in an apartment complex that doesn't allow animals within a 100 foot radius, I have no money, and I'm barely ever home long enough to even just take care of myself. However, I have never wanted a puppy more than I do right now. A few of my friends have gotten dogs recently, and it's really driving home the desire.

This is Asher, Kori's new pup...

He's a pure bred Siberian Husky, the cutest thing you've ever seen, and a real rascal. He came for a visit last Friday, and I died a little. He's sweet and soft and adorable and playful and everything a puppy should be.

Daniel got a dog, too, that he named Atlas. That dog is the calmest, gentlest, strongest dog this side of Balto. I'm a fan. A big, big fan.

It's taking every ligament, muscle, and bone in my body to keep me from running off to get a German Shepard puppy right this second.

The time will come. Oh, boy, it'll come.

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