Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 53; Finals Week Crazies

About half way through finals week, people started getting a little crazy around CTK.

Tents were put up near the classrooms above the office, a hammock was strung up over the gathering area, and there was just a lot of delirium and dancing all the time...

Finals Week at CTK is a time of great internal confusion. You're super stressed about the final examinations that, in some cases, can make or break your final grades, but you're having a lot of fun at the 24/7 party going on at the Church. There's tons of food, coloring, and weird games going on everywhere.

After it's over I'm usually left really disoriented. There are always high levels of exhaustion, stress, happiness, and goofiness that I can just never make sense of. It's overwhelming..

I can't...handle it....*faints*


  1. What on earth is Jason doing??

  2. I don't know, girl. Like I said, people get crazy over Finals Week.