Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 52; One day I almost died in an elevator..

I missed the first half of my French final because of a doctor's appointment during Dead-Week-That's-Not-So-Dead Week so I had to make it up during Finals Week.

My teacher's office is in Hodges Hall on the fourth floor. Because I'm lazy, I took the elevator.


That elevator tried to eliminate me. Here's the thing, though. Kelly means Female Warrior and Brave. This means that I'm a fighter. Which means I can't be eliminated. Because then I'll just eliminate the eliminator.

What then?

So I stepped into this beast...

The doors closed and before take off, the elevator started shaking so hard that it literally knocked me over into the wall. First it started going the wrong direction and tried taking me to the basement. But halfway through it's descent, it started shaking again and changed course. Once it finally got to the fourth floor, it began to growl and shake even harder.

I would like to tell you that I said something like, "Not on my watch!" And then kicked or pried the doors open, but that's not how it happened exactly...

I did what I do in any situation that shows signs that I might be in real danger--I froze.

I would like to tell you how the elevator started to free fall. And how during that free fall, I forced myself through the top escape door and jumped to a ledge of one of the fast passing doors while the elevator crashed into a fiery death. 

But...that's not really what I did. I stayed very stationary in fact. Locked and glued to one spot in the corner. I probably whimpered. Maybe not.

When the doors opened at the fourth floor, I stepped out and counted my blessings. There was also a sense of victory...Not that I had done anything...Just victorious because I lived. Perhaps I even maybe, kind of, sort of, convinced myself that I had defeated the elevator on my own. Taught it it's lesson.

Ha!! Take that, you no good, sorry excuse for a vessel!

After my test, I took the stairs down...


  1. LOL! Poor Kelly! LSU elevators are the worst!

  2. can you explain to me the cause of the hand rail in the elevator being half disconnected please? was it already like that, were you gripping it so hard that it gave way, or did you intentionally dislodge it for being part of the mean elevator?