Sunday, August 23, 2009

Senators, Reps, and Politics...oh my!

You never really appreciate what you have until you step into the shoes of someone else. In this case, it's my home. Louisiana. Though this state hasn't proven to be the best of states in the past few decades, it's still a one of a kind place indeed. We do have a lot to work on, I know this. But right now, with BobbyJay as our Governor, I know that our problems can be amended.

My dad lives in New York and I actually lived in New York for almost two years when I was a toddler. I've visited often enough since, though. I can tell you first hand that people in the north are nothing like people in the south. I find the attitudes up there a little colder than down here and I'm sure those of you who have been there before know what I'm talking about. I am not extremely familiar with northern Louisiana but I know how wonderful down-state can be with all it's character and culture.

Anyways, #2, Hil-Bear, The Mexican, and I went to our state capital the other day.

It was really interesting! Our current capital building was built by Huey P. Long. He didn't want the traditional dome structure. Instead, he wanted the whole skyscraper look. Our capital remains the tallest capital building in the U.S.

I forget whether this is the House or Senate

That hole in the column is a bullet hole left from the assassination of Long. People say if you put your finger in it, you get cursed. I jammed my finger in that sucker. Bring it on...

Huey P-dawg didn't die from the bullet, you know. He wouldn't let any of the doctors at Our Lady of the Lake touch him. He wanted a team of Louisiana native doctors only. So he waited and developed an infection from the wound and that is what killed him. P-dawg was a very demanding man.

I took a picture of this statue outside because I thought she was pretty. Like Virgin Mother pretty. Turns out she represents patriots. So there are soldiers and Native Americans standing around her feet. That's cool and all...but she's no Mary.

And these darn stairs! There are 49 of them. One for each state. (Alaska and Hawaii are on one step together at the top.) I was not excited about these stairs. They were poo.

I learned a lot from this little visit and I'm ready to move on to the Louisiana State Museum. More educational field trips to come!

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