Friday, August 21, 2009

Roommate #1

"You could do a brown background and cream letters," I told #1 as she was painting wall decor for our living room tonight. There was a long silence as she thought about my suggestion.

"Your mother is a brown background and cream letters," she laughed.

Oh, I didn't tell you my roommate is a comedian? Oh, she is. Let me tell ya...

We went for a bike ride two days ago.

#1 struggled. I'm not going to lie to you people. She hustled, she bustled, and she fought to the death. Okay...maybe not to the death but she did come out of it with a battle wound. For real. It was dramatic. She also wore a skirt on the ride and as you can see from the picture, she kept her legs together in a grip of death so all couldn't get a glimpse of all the Good Father gave her.

I'm glad she's back. It's like everything makes sense again.

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