Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's 5:18 AM

The sun will be coming up soon and I am still awake. Is there a cure for this? I stayed in my favorite pjs literally all day. Why? Because I could. How rare is it that we are able to do that? Do I feel unproductive? Yes. Do I feel worthless? Sure do! Do I regret being a bum all day? Negatory. (That isn't a word.)

Watching Kingdom of Heaven right now. I forget how bad-arse this movie is. I mean for real...I now have the sudden urge to put on a suit of armor and go fight as a Crusader next to Orlando Bloom. Channel my inner Joan of Arc. What do you think? Kelly DOES mean "Female Warrior" after all. Let's face it...I was born hardcore. My middle name should have been Hardcore. Or Warrior...or Bad-arse. There is something about Kelly Bad-arse that is just so appealing to me. Yeah, fighting as a knight in the olden Roman times would be fantastic. Except instead of horses....Harley-Davidsons.

Right now, the bad guys are trying to climb up ladders to get into the castle walls. But, alas, the Crusaders are pouring hot tar on them. So don't you fret. It's looking good for those Crusaders, I'm tellin' ya!

Okay, I'm done with this. Good morning, my darlings!

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