Monday, August 31, 2009

I met someone wonderful today.

Today was...freakishly awesome.

After my first class, I decided to pay a visit to my counselor to sort out some scheduling problems I was having. You have to go down this random deserted hall in one of the buildings in the quad to get to where the counselor offices are. As I was making my way to the correct room, there was a random computer chair in the middle of the hall with some guy sitting on it spinning and singing to himself. I quickly weighed my options of either turning around, avoiding this all together, and coming back later or to go in to this most awkward situation guns blazing. I am a painfully proud woman so I picked the latter. I couldn't coward out. I didn't know this boy. He was just having a good time on the chair! Who was I to proclaim him "abnormal"? Who was I to say I was too good to interact with him?!

So there I went.

When he saw me coming in his direction, he stopped spinning, stopped singing, stood up, and started smiling at me. I smiled back. My smile felt weird though. Forced, almost. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. I honestly had no idea how I should react.

"I want that chair so bad," he told me as he pointed it out.

I just laughed. My laugh didn't sound right. Why am I such a spaz?!

His smile widened. "It's comfortable," he assured me.

"Looks comfortable," I replied as I tried to squeeze past him.

He watched me as I walked down the hall a little ways. "You gotta try it out!"

I stopped and turned around. "Haha! Maybe after my meeting?" He was harmless!!

He smiled again. That was all he needed. He looked a little embarrassed as he picked up his school bag that had been thrown on the floor. He pulled out his iPod, fooled with some buttons on it, waved goodbye to me, and shuffled off out into the quad.


How wonderful is this guy who found happiness and pleasure in a simple chair? Though I never actually sat in it, it looked awfully comfortable. It was soft and that made him smile. Is that "abnormal"? No. That's SPECTACULAR! He was experiencing real, genuine joy and I dubbed him a psycho. Who do I think I am? Pah-lease.

This complete stranger taught me a lesson today. A lesson I would have never learned in a classroom. I hope he continues to spread his smile everywhere he goes. I hope everyone also gets a chance to give him a second look before they write him off like I did.

I think I'll go sit by the pool now. *sigh* Good day.

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  1. Think this is good? You should see the look on Kori's face when he gets creme brulee, lol!