Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pish Posh

My bike broke. :(

It was an epic disaster. I'm glad you weren't there. Metallica was. He is a guy who lives in my apartment complex. This is his first year at LSU. He was pretty good at making the embarrassment a little less painful. I appreciated that. Why are my sentences so short?

Moving on. The pedal broke off the bike and it looks like I'll either have to get one of my handy, dandy engineering friends to weld it or try some kind of liquid metal. I don't know. We'll see.

210 got a vacuum today thanks to my VBF!! It's heavy duty so it'll get up those hair balls. *Smiles.* Did that gross you out? I was hoping it did. #2 and I have thick, curly hair and we shed A LOT causing hair to be everywhere. Since we are poor college students, we can't afford a vacuum so we haven't cleaned the carpet since we moved in. Yeah. I'm just as horrified as you are...and I have to live with it!! So my VBF owned two, saw we needed help, and gave us one. My hero!

That's about it. I've been quite a bore lately! Sorry, kids.

I recommend you listen to If You're Out There by John Legend. It's wonderful.

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