Sunday, August 2, 2009

Know what this week is?

It's Bike Week. Do you know what that means?

This whole week the grand-daddy of all motorcycle rallies is going down. Right this second thousands upon thousands of motorcycles are in South Dakota at the biggest, baddest bike event you could ever lay your eyes on.

Get the picture?
So, you see, I need to be there. I HAVE to be there. The rumbling of those bikes, the smell of hot rubber, the leather, the beards, the bandanas....all of it! I could even look past all of the half dressed women... I could even look past that! They go on big huge group rides during the week! Could you imagine?! A billion and four bikes riding the Black Hills in SD! AMAZING! That's what that is!
Even my father is there on his 100th Anniversary Road King Classic!
Ah, yes, and to top all of that off, guess who's there....

Ooooohhhh, yes. AEROSMITH....

That would be the I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Crazy, Dream On, Angel, Walk This Way bad boys from Boston. THAT Aerosmith. You know 'em? "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band." And you know Steven Tyler, right? The man who melts my heart whenever he sings not to mention helped bring the elegant Liv Tyler into the world...THAT Steven Tyler.

The big deal about this place for me is the ride there. Riding thousands of miles across these beautiful United States, flying on the highway, and being one with everything around you!! And this is not me being dramatic. This is for REAL. THEN once you get there, there are all of these people who share the same hobby and passion as you do. They all understand this crazy, dangerous love of your life. They GET it!

I need a Harley first. Hmm...anyone know how to rewire an ATM?

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