Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Bee

Well, kids, it's looking like I'm booked for the rest of forever.

Back in 210! Happy to have both #1 & #2 with me finally. I'm also ready for school to start. I have high expectations for myself for this semester. I plan on utilizing every hour of each day to the very fullest. That is really the only way I'm going to be able to pull this off. Between Christ, school work, involvement at the church, social life, and a job, my days will be jam packed with events, meetings, epic study sessions, and much, much more!

So you guys know my VBF, right? I've mentioned him a time or two. Well, he had recently fallen ill with Swine Flu. Yes! Swine Flu! Good news though, he didn't die. *Great big sigh of relief* Well yesterday was the first day he was allowed to be around other people since he was put into quarantine by his doctor. Oh, how I've missed him! His hair was all grown out like a caveman from his isolation. He was happy to be with civilization again.

As you can see...

Anyways, we actually had most of the people from church who were on campus over. It was really wonderful seeing all of them.

I have absolutely no idea why but since I found out that three of my friends (my VBF, Hollywood, and Lakeshore) have the same phone in different colors, I've been wanting to get all three together... Why? I couldn't even tell you. It could be because I'm probably one of the strangest Homosapien Sapiens that ever roamed the planet but that's just my guess. They are just so cute and all together! It's like a special bond the three of these lovely friends have. I don't know. I'm being weird again...

Alright, that's enough for now. Off to run some more errands!

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