Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

"Kelly, are you coming to The Cabin after work tonight?"

This is a question I get asked literally every weekend I work. Usually, all of my strength and energy is completely drained by the end of the night so I wind up having to decline the invitation. Last night, however, it was the last time we'd all be able to see Navy Seal X and Navy Seal Y before they ship out on Tuesday. So I went, not planning on staying for long.

Wound up having an amazing time! Everyone from work came and it turned into a fiya party. :) Some of the girls sang on the microphone and we all took over the dance floor. Camp Counselor, Gregarious, Goof, my Archnemesis, and Chocolate Tower cracked me up with their dancing!

Even though I completely reeked of bar afterward, it was so worth it. Last night was a real chance to just let loose and have fun. And I did! I think everyone had an amazing time.

So for everyone from work that reads this; I had a lot of fun with y'all! Thanks! Love you guys!

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