Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

We have got to stop meeting like this. ;)

How are you? I sure hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Mine wasn't bad! Friday, I hung out with #2, Hil-Bear, and Libbs. Got ice cream and had a pretty deep, long conversation about life. I always get a little something something out of my talks with Libbs. I really enjoy his friendship!

Saturday was pretty dang long! Worked two parties in Metairie. I stopped at home before but my mom wasn't there. So I went to work without some much needed mother-daughter lovin'! Hehe! Anyways, work was fun! Goofed around a lot with everyone!

(Explanation: Unexplainable.)

Second party was killer. FIVE drinks spilled in a 30 second time frame and then two more right after that. That is not an exaggeration. We rocked it though. Nothing we couldn't handle. :) I was busing the second party and afterward we had to take the trash to the dumpster. I don't know what it was, you guys, but the dumpster smelled particularly awful last night. Ranky death smell, that's the best way I can describe it. So Privateer (aka Gregarious) makes a bet with Goof. Five dollars if he can take 5 big whiffs of the dumpster. As in Goof had to stick his head in the dumpster and everything. I couldn't even go within a five foot radius of that thing!!

What happened?

Well, he did it....

Five big fat whiffs...
Watcha gonna do? Haha!

Went home to this;

my Lucky Ducky!

Got some bonding time with my mom when I woke up today. Came back to the apartment, went to Mass, and saw my VBF! When we got back to the apartment, #2 and I became super anti-social and didn't really feel up for anything so we just chillaxed. Was nice. Now I'm sitting here talking to you guys and watching some terrible Tom Cruise movie.

It's late though and I have class in the morning so I'm going to hit the sheets! Sweet dreams, my hearts!

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