Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I can't take this torture anymore!! This torment, this agony, this....tribulation! Okay, you guys. I've been a silent sufferer long enough. I just can't do it anymore. Every single morning I wake up, get ready for class, and walk out towards campus always knowing the pain I'm about to endure. I pass Ceba on my way to Tureaud and there...right in my path....are......are......

....these guys.....

*wails, sniffs, slobber slobber* I want them. I want them so badly!! *sigh*

Okay. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic. And...maybe I've only had three days of class. But still! It's terrible misery. That's all.

On a lighter note, 210 got flowers today.

They were laid delicately on our doorstep by Poolboy himself. :) He's marvelous!

#2 and I were watching The Negotiator last night with Volts. A very intense movie. A mystery. All the lights were off in the apartment except for the one hall light. It was night. It was quiet. The movie had all of us really flustered and nervous. And then...


Someone beating on our door. #2 screeches and goes flying to her room. Volts was at the door faster than you could say "homanahow." I stayed contently in my chair. It was Lakeshore being a goof. He scared the tar out of #2. No lie. Truth is, I got a mysterious text from him a few minutes before this intrusion saying, "Hey are you at your apartment?" So I was sort of, kind of, maybe expecting it causing me to keep my cool.

Anywho, so now I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance with #2, her mother, and Libbs!

Happy Canada Day!

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