Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Time, No See!

Well aren't you guys a sight for sore eyes? Oh, how I've missed you!

Looks like my computer will be going on a little hiatus due to some user error.
I'm computer-less for the time being which would be the reason why I haven't updated in a few days.

Let me catch you up!

School has been great. Grades are bringin' down the house.

My July 4th was spent with #2 and Libbs on the levee watching the fireworks show going on downtown. 'Twas amazifying!

Yayy! Afterwards, Volts and Jennings came over and we goofed around, listened to music, played some cards, etc. A lot of fun!

Last night, Libbs and I took a drive to Lacombe/Slidell to see a double feature with Deutsch and his family! My Sister's Keeper was quite the tearjerker. Transformers 2 was....well....not. Good company, some pizza delivered by David, and an episode of Majide was the perfect way to end the night! Haiiii Majideeee!

I hope all of you are doing well and that your summer is going wonderfully!

Well, I have to go get #2 from ballet! Be safe, my darlings!

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