Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watcha gettin' outta livin'?

Today my car read that it was 103 degrees outside. Oh man. I can just smell the overproduction of melanin in the air. SPF, people. 30 or more....preferably more. Keep those melanocytes working like they're suppose to. Please and thank you!

I woke up to the blasting of a leaf blower right outside my window this morning. Way to start my day off wrong, Mr. Leaf Blower Man... Fall semester of last year I made a complete transformation from the meanest non-morning person you ever met to the brightest morning person you ever met. It's annoying. Good for me, bad for everyone around me. I've tried to stop this madness but I am just cheery in the morning. I can't help it. Well, this man woke me up in a very abrupt and disagreeable way. I was upset with Mr. Leaf Blower Man! I went to bed late last night. My own fault, I'm aware. But did he have to go and roar his leaf blower into my window?! No! He did not. So as I was leaving the apartment, I was keeping an eye out for this guy so I could really give him a death glare. You teach him a real lesson. That's really the only thing I'm capable of. The man WAS just doing his job. But still, I was on a mission. I turn the corner and there he is. An absolutely adorable little elderly man with his little itty bitty leaf blower being just the cutest thing you have ever seen. He turned it off to let me pass giving me a bashful little grin. My heart melted instantly and it wasn't because of the heat. I gave him a huge smile and an over enthusiastic wave as I turned on my beautiful purple iPod and started my journey to class. A wonderful morning, indeed.

Until, of course, I passed the Harleys. Like every morning, I went weak in the knees a little. But I should be thankful that the black bike wasn't there today. That's the one that usually makes me tear up a little.

I should just let you know I am desperately missing #1.

She is the suds in my bucket, the salt in my soup, the happy in my day. Come live with me now, #1. Stop being so selfish and get your butt over here!! *blushes* She's my roommate, that's all. I love her lots.

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