Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 41; Black Friday

I'm not a very good person.

I went to Black Friday yesterday and it was pretty nuts.

The mall was packed and lines were ridiculous.

That is not what makes me awful. What makes me awful is that I brought my brother, Bobby.

I woke up, realized that it was Black Friday, and went to find Bob.

*knock, knock*
"Hey, Kel. What's up?"
Nothin'. Wanna go to the mall?
"Really? Yeah, I've never been to Black Friday." Let's go...

We got in the car and he asked, "So is it pretty crazy today over there?"
Umm....I mean...a big deal...
"Wait, are there long lines and all that?"'re pretty efficient, Bob. No super long lines.
Oh, okay. Cool.

Bobby can't handle the mall for long periods of time and so I knew that if he was aware of what he was about to experience, he would make me take him home. So I lied. I lied my little heart out. I am ashamed.

This is what I put him through.

For once, I'll be honest. This picture is a very mild depiction of what it actually was like...

About a half hour into it, Bobby started to lose it.
*inhales deeply* "Kelly, after this, are we going to any other stores?"
Poor thing. He was trying his absolute hardest to stay calm and patient.

I wanted to stop at Ann Taylor real quick...
*He exhales dramatically.*

But here's the thing about my brother. He can be bought. Not with money. No. Bobby can be bought anytime, anywhere, any place, for anything with FOOD. Buy him a meal, he's at your disposal. I know this and I have known this for a long time. In my defense, I don't ever take advantage of this trait of his, but I do keep it in my arsenal to be utilized whenever I need it most. Like in this case...Black Friday.

I'll get you Cane's after...
*Perks up* "Okay! To Ann Taylor!!"

*Hangs head in shame*

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