Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 25; When the Office Crumbles

Angelique is the student minister at church. This is her first year as an employee there but I'm starting to wonder how people ever functioned without her...

You see, the employees who work in the office with the exception of the priests and those who work after hours all get off at 4:30 each evening. The evening receptionists close the office up at 8:30. Angelique is one of the few employees who stay late. And by late, I mean till PAST 8:30. That's because she works hard and is amazing at what she does. I think everyone has gotten use to the fact that she's always there and have even come to rely on it.

Is Angelique here?!
Nope, she went to go get some dinner.
*Dramatic huff* ...okay...
Umm..It's okay. Do you know when she'll be back??!
Not sure, I'd give her an hour or so.
*Deep breath* Okay, okay...

Hey, Kelly! Angelique in her office???????
No, she's upstairs in a meeting.
Oh man...Did she just go up there? What meeting?
She's been up there for about 30 minutes, I guess. It's a mission meeting.
Oh, I see. Do you think it's a meeting I could go in and get her from?
I don't know, I would--
*Already running out of the office and headed up the stairs in the middle of my sentence.*

I wish I were exaggerating. But I am not. I dread when Angelique leaves because people fall apart over there. They do. How did any student do anything ever before her existence in that office?!

She left for two whole days this week...

Two entire days!!!

There was an earthquake, a tsunami, 57 tornadoes, and many riots...
And that was only the first day.

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