Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 22; Goodbye, Cat

Left home for Baton Rouge on Sunday.

Those kind of days are always weird because it means leaving the comfort of my home and coming back to face all of my responsibilities up here.

I say goodbye to my family, and then my mom always walks me out to my car. She gives me a tight, little hug and then goes through the rules. "No talking on your phone and no texting. Pay attention, Kelly. Go the speed limit!" I know she misses me when I have to leave and I definitely miss her.

But the one who takes it the hardest is this guy...
[Sorry that it's so dark...]

That is my cat, Lucky. He's fat and he's cuddly. I've talked about him plenty of times on here.

Anyway, that cat is the clingiest little thing I've ever seen. I go to sleep with him sleeping at my side and wake up with him practically tangled in my hair. He follows me all around the house and then climbs into my lap once I settle down somewhere. I admit that I am one of the reasons he is this way. From the time he was a little kitten, I carried him around and snuggled with him all the time.

He just loved to love!

So when it comes times for me to leave...he gives me the cold shoulder. Doesn't even look at me. I'll say, "Bye, my Lucky. Love you." (Yes, I say things to my cats... Go ahead and judge me.) All he does is this little meow-grunt thing and continues to look away.

He doesn't handle goodbyes very well...

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  1. I love how frequently you're posting these days! It makes me happy! <3