Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 30; Case of the Bad Cheese

I love me some macaroni and cheese.

It's classic and it's delicious.

Except when it's not...

Yesterday in the office, there was some macaroni and cheese that almost ended my young life. When I took it out of the microwave, I swear the stuff growled at me.  I took one bite of it, realized I had just consumed a rotting corpse, and promptly chugged back some bleach to make sure I wasn't poisoned.

Need a visual?

I burned the remains so that it wouldn't spawn and slept with one eye open just in case.


  1. Dear Blogger,

    I don't approve of this business of you skipping posting for three days, then posting three days worth of Project 365 in one day. It doesn't sit well with me and gives me indigestion. And, I want you to know: it wreaks smack of laziness, gluttony, wrath, some other things I can't readily identify, and general ass-hattery.

    Fix it, please.

    A Concerned Citizen

  2. p.s. I removed the first post, because I misspelled a word, and I'm generally pretty anal about those kinds of things.

  3. Macaroni and cheese is the best! Especially Kraft's mac n'cheese!