Monday, July 5, 2010

Accident Prone

Did you know that red heads have a higher tolerance for pain? It's true.

Sometimes I'd like to think that that fact is not solely restricted to physical pain and that, in reality, red heads are superior in every way. However, I know that I won't be able to prove that even if it is true.

As a kid, I always had bruises on my shins and knees. Wouldn't even phase me. Trip over something? No big. Fall off the play ground? Whatever. Get hit by a car? Please...child's play.

Today I am just as accident prone, if not more. I'm just clumsy sometimes. And, also, I'm unlucky. I'm really good at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's one of my things.

My mother is well aware of my...problem. She has always made sure I have my insurance card on me when I leave the house.

I went ice skating in Houston, Texas a few years back and when I called my mom to tell her, all she said was, "Okay, Kelly. Please make sure you have your insurance card."

When I go on any vacation. "Don't forget your insurance card!"

Off to the mall. "Kelly, please be careful. Do you have your insurance card?"

When I go to use the restroom. "Bring your insurance card, Kelly!"

If I ever get robbed, I'll make sure they give me a second to take that insurance card out before I hand the whole wallet over. It's no good to them anyway.

I've simply been accident prone from the very beginning. I fall, I trip, and I run into things. I always have bruises and/or scrapes. Some people find it frustrating and I admit, I can be quite a hand full in that way. Hey, what can I do?

I'm a red head, though. It's a scientific fact that I'm just naturally tough. So bring on the on coming traffic, the roots to trip over, and the steps to fall down. I can take it.

And if I can't...well...I've always got my insurance card.