Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ack! Hairball.

Elizabeth is back! She was gone for a week. The longest week of my young life.

I missed her so much.

We share a bedroom so I had her empty half of the room to look at all week. I was washed over with depression and anxiety from her absence.

What? Too dramatic?


Anyway, so tonight the roommates and I were having some fun girl talk in our room. Ashley was sitting on the floor rubbing her hands in a circular motion on the carpet. While doing this, she collected this massive, grotesque, scary looking hair ball. Hair that had fallen from our delicate little heads and rested in the fibers of our carpet.

Ashley and I are pretty much used to this unfortunate situation that happens to the floor of our apartment every couple of weeks until we vacuum. But Elizabeth...poor girl.... *hangs head*

She saw what was in Ashley's hand and just went crazy.

"What is this?!"

*Falls to the floor to collect her own sample of hair ball.*


"Is this OUR hair?! Is this what happens to everyone's apartment?! Or is it just here?!"

"So every time I lay on the floor, I'm laying in a bed of nasty hair?!"

You see, women with curly, thick hair shed. All three of the women in 210 have heads of thick curls and, well, that is just a recipe for a disastrous carpet. I mean we shed...a lot
We also have to deal with our drains getting clogged. Yes, it may be inconvenient and a little unsettling. But, hey, it's what comes with the deal. If I could help it, believe me, I would.

My hair and I have been battling for years. I threaten to chop it all off virtually everyday if it doesn't cooperate which it never does. It wants to leave a little piece of me every where I go but it just doesn't understand that other people don't want that, you know?

Whatever. Hairballs are dead to me.

Welcome home, Elizabeth!!

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  1. Oh my goodness...I will never be the same after that fateful night, never.