Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The "Quiet" Place

I have magical powers. Did you know that? Yea.

"How are you magical," you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked, sweetheart! I am a heavy sleeper. Yea. Look, I have slept through door bells, house alarms, knocking, glass shattering, hurricanes, tsunamis, riots... Perhaps, I'm getting a little carried away. 

But for real, my hearts, when I sleep, it's like I fall deeply into this black abyss of wonderment and comfort. Yea. Few things can pull me out of this comatose state. I can wake up to my alarm clock (but only mine), someone yelling my name at a very high volume, or someone shaking the tar out of me. Other than those three things, I'm dead to the world. Yea.

This magical power is both a curse and a blessing. It's a curse because this means I could potentially sleep through a fire, a burglary, or something to that nature. It's a blessing because I sleep through all of those annoying morning disturbances that muggles wake up to.

Like this morning, for instance. Cray-Cray was woken up at around 7:30AM to a man banging the side of our building with what she described as a "Viking war hammer." 

[Picture by Madison Hunter.]

Once, I was awake, I heard this ridiculous racket but it is not what initially rose me from my deep, peaceful slumber. Apparently, Cray-Cray was abruptly woken up by the banging and started hitting the window back at the man screaming, "No! Absolutely not!" Can anyone blame the girl? It was 7:30AM and this guy was pounding on the side of our building RIGHT outside our window!

Once I woke up, he was finishing up his little show for the morning so I missed it for the most part. Poor baby Cray-Cray. She's just a little muggle.

Dear Mr. Mean Viking Hammer Man,
    Sleep in, little guy. If you don't, I will throw deviled eggs at you and your shiny little hammer. Choose wisely.
                                                 With all my love, Kelly

Thank you, Father, for giving me these magic powers. Yea.


  1. "Poor baby Cray-Cray"...more like poor baby hammer pants if he ever wakes me up like that again.

  2. Haha. You guys are great. BTW, Kelly you should probably include tickling as one of the few things that could wake you up, because I would be willing to bet money that it would do the trick. ~_^