Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A chazer bleibt a chazer

My roommates and I have been watching Sex and the City. (That show is another blog post entirely.)

In the show, Charlotte, the brunette, marries a Jewish man. There are a couple of episodes where she starts researching and learning about Judaism. Also, there is a bit of Jewish slang thrown around like schmuck, putz, schmoe, etc. 

The show literally influenced a Yiddish phenomenon...in our apartment. In the past 48 hours apartment 210's vocabulary has reached all new heights. Hebrew expressions, some of which have very recently been discovered to be actually vulgar, are being thrown all over around here.

When we go to bed or see each other it's, "Shalom!"

There is an occasional "Mazel tov!" every now and then.

Someone will impulsively shout out "Oy!" for good measure.

#2 even said something was "schmaltzy" last night. She later explained "schmaltzy" means cheesy but who honestly knows?

What does the title of this post even mean?!
Something inspiring, probably.... ;D

I don't know when the exact moment was when we picked up this new diction but it happened. Oh, did it happen... 

Nitra'e bekarov!

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